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EMBRAER: Demonstration Pilot (Captain) @ Melbourne, FL

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Posted 17 de March de 2017 - 10:04

Career Opportunities: Demonstration Pilot (Captain) (120569)
Req Id 120569 - Posted 03/07/2017 - USA - Melbourne, FL - Technical - Flight Operations



Acts as a pilot to support company sponsored operator conferences, sales campaigns, deliveries and demonstrations for customers and prospective customers.




  • Acts as a pilot to support company sponsored operator conferences, sales campaigns, deliveries and demonstrations for customers.
  • Oversees client pilots route operations with passengers on board.
  • Participates, with clients, in new aircraft operation procedures helping with necessary manuals, guides, forms, etc. Ensures operational functionality and pilot and passenger safety.
  • Ensures compliance with federal regulations and product specifications.
  • Performs demonstrations, nationally and internationally.
  • Prepares necessary operational documentation for delivery and demonstration flights such as: over flight authorizations, fuel supply cards, flight logs, runway analysis, arrival and departure procedures, drift down analysis, when applicable, and on board manuals (AOM, MEL, etc.).
  • Organizes communication services for deliveries and demonstrations (HF service, Iridium, SATCOM, etc.).
  • Verifies legal requirements for over flight permits and/or landing sites in other countries.
  • Verifies insurance coverage for flight crew, liability, hull, etc. on delivery and demonstration flights in foreign countries.
  • Maintains aircraft manifests updated, is able to communicate maintenance problems in writing.
  • Controls and maintains updated all necessary documents and individual/technical licenses.
  • Maintains and updates computer database associated with ground logistics, catering services, etc.
  • Gives flight instruction in flight simulators, (CBT’s and FTD’s) to company and client’s pilots.
  • Controls, issues, classify, and communicate with SAF (Fleet Support Division) staff/personnel documents for each flight crewmember.
  • Participates in airplane accident prevention and investigation groups and commissions.
  • Participates in technical committees (IATA, ICAO, Euro-control, new executive aviation technology applications such as: Data Link, BRNAV,  RVSM, GNSS, etc.).





  • Desirable technical degree in aviation, mechanics or electrical field.
  • CFI (Certified Flight Instructor)



  • Previous experience operating Embraer products, as follows: Minimum 3000 flight hours - 1000 as pilot in-command, and 500 in airplanes over 10000Kg.
  • Also, minimum 100 hours experience in international air traffic in US, Canada, or Europe.
  • Previous experience with flight instruction, and as a corporate pilot.
  • Decision making skills, maturity, pro-active, self-starter, initiative, emotional stability, polite, self-sufficient, self-control, calm, discreet, trusty, persuade, consistent, listener,
  • Analysis and evaluation skills, assertive, innovative, creative, interpersonal relationship and communication skills, accuracy, reserved, own judgment skills, open mind, and team-worker.
  • Minimum:          2500 total flight hours

                                        500 PIC (Pilot in Command) hours

                                        500 Turbo Jet hours

  • Currency: must have flown in the last 90 days


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • International flight experience
  • Experience in Business Aviation
  • EFIS (Glass cockpit) experience
  • Production flight experience
  • Ability to hold multiple type ratings
  • ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License)  FAA and ANAC authorities (able to fly both N and PT registered aircraft, particularly on demo flights); if candidate does not hold a ANAC license, must be willing to co-validate FAA license to ANAC standards
  • First class Medical Certificate (FAA and ANAC)
  • Must live within 1hr of base (FLL initially, then MLB)
  • Have no criminal records, since multiple visas are required to perform duties
  • DAC (Brazilian Civil Aviation Department), FAA ATPs licenses
  • First Class DAC and FAA Medical
  • Knowledge of most efficient ways for negotiating and obtaining necessary authorizations from agencies in foreign countries
  • Accident prevention and investigation techniques and procedures
  • Aviation law, including ICAO rules, Chicago convention, and Brazilian aeronautical code
  • Aircraft systems/structures (electric, electronic, mechanic, hydraulic, pneumatic, communication, etc.)
  • International aircraft traffic
  • Operation of flight simulators
  • Utilization of safety equipment/ flight survival, flight instructor course, flight performance, operational flight regulations, CRM (cockpit resources management), line oriented flight training (LOFT)
  • Language proficiency in English  and Portuguese (Spanish useful)
  • Lotus notes, internet explorer, Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, and Access)


Working Conditions / Environment/  Special Requirements:

  • Ability to work in a safe professional manner adhering to all regulatory requirements including, OSHA, EPA, State and Federal regulations
  • Employees will be subject to the random drug and alcohol testing under FAA regulations
  • Good presentation to represent the company in demonstration and sales activities
  • Willingness to travel frequently
  • Desirable development in marketing and sales
  • Self motivated, mature, good decision maker, team player (CRM)




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