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Neymar, Gisele Bundchen e mais oitenta famosos e suas aeronaves ( 8/9)

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Posted 12 de July de 2017 - 19:49

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Neymar, Gisele Bundchen e mais oitenta famosos e suas aeronaves próprias ou alugadas ( 8/9)  

Bill Gates – Bombardier BD-700 Global Express, Estimated $40 Million

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has a Bombardier BD-700 Global Express which is packed with technology advancements; it can achieve a maximum speed of Mach 1 and features cutting edge Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics suite for enhanced performance and error-free navigation. The impressive jet is also equipped with touch screens, wireless internet and every gadget known to man.
Celine Dion – Bombardier Global Express, Estimated $42 Million
Having to travel a lot for tours and performances all around the globe, having a private jet is basically a necessity for the musical legend, Celine Dion.The spacious all-leather interior can comfortably fit 8 to 14 passengers and the bathrooms are complete with luxurious designer furniture. The meals for the passengers are prepared by a private chef.
Larry Page & Sergey Brin – Boeing 767-200, Estimated $40 Million
Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the owners of the “Google Jet”, the lux passengers jet accommodates up to 50 people, two lavish staterooms, a large sitting & dining area and 15 first class seats for the higher ups. The biggest news is that Google acquired 2 years of landing rights at the Moffet Field, that is owned and operated by NASA and has never been opened to private aircrafts until now.
Floyd “Money” Mayweather –  Gulfstream IV, Estimated $40 Million
With a name like that you can be sure that the undefeated boxing champion will live like a rock star and that is why he own 2 private jets worth an estimated $40 million each. The Gulfstream IV is to accommodate his extra-large entourage (14 people) and the Gulfstream V is used by Mayweather himself when he travels from his homes (yes, homes) in Miami & Las Vegas to business meetings and private affairs.
Tiger Woods – Gulfstream G550, Estimated $53.5 Million
Golf legend Tiger Woods likes to invest his savings in buying expensive things: cars, houses and now a huge private jet.  The G550 can comfortably fit 18 passengers and offer them spacious bathrooms and dining areas. It’s biggest benefit? it can fly over 12,000 km nonstop for more than 12 hours, which is perfect for remote destinations.
Taylor Swift – Dassault Falcon 900, Estimated $40 Million
The pop-country princess owns not one but two Dassault Falcon jets that were customized to her aesthetic and travel needs. The Flacon 900 jet has the number 13 (TS favorite number) painted on the nose of the aircraft and has 12 seats (just enough for her squad gal pals) and holds better in longer flights. Her second plane is the Falcon 50 estimated at $6 million, can seat up to 9 passengers and meant for shorter flights.
Neymar – Cessna 680, Estimated $10 Million
The Soccer superstar had purchased the same plane twice, while his first jet along with his yacht, cars and assets had been frozen due to an ongoing investigation on tax evasion, the (foot)baller went ahead and got himself another jet to keep up with his stylish lifestyle but this time it was reported that he had taken a mortgage to pay for it. Both planes can seat up to 12 passengers and are decorated with white leather seats and fully stocked bars.
Peter Jackson – Gulfstream G550, Estimated $68 Million
The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit director Peter Jackson upgraded himself to a Gulfstream G550 in 2010 just to be able to fly from New Zealand to Los Angeles without having to stop for refueling. Can’t say we blame him, it’s a very long flight after all. The jet can seat up to 19 passengers or offer sleeping accommodations for up to eight. Being a busy bee, Jackson also has a special studio space that he can work on his films while flying.
Magic Johnson – Gulfstream G-III, Estimated $40 Million
NBA Hall of Famer, Magic Johnson is known to conduct his biggest business deals while he is on board his N32MJ jet. Named after himself (of course) and his Jersey number, the famous player turned business mogul is all about the comfort and less about the entourage, redecorating his jet to be more like a conference room than a party bus including a comfy suite.
Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady – Gulfstream G550, Estimated $50 Million
Brazillian supermodel Gisele Bunchen had purchased a private jet for herself and her family since they are always on the go, flying back and forth from their LA home to Brady’s work in Boston and Gisele’s work in Paris and San Paulo-based family. Brady doesn’t commute with the rest of his team members in a commercial flight, instead he travels with his wife and kids in their sleek black Gulftream jet.