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  1. e essa pintura ficou MUITO similar da congo airways x
  2. Antiguan gov't sets up LIAT newco in precautionary move 06.07.2020 - 21:58 UTC The Government of Antigua & Barbuda has set in motion plans to ensure the continuity of LIAT (LI, Antigua) should its other main shareholders refuse to assist in its restructuring. In a letter to the heads of Barbados, Dominica, and St. Vincent & the Grenadines published in the Antiguan press last week, Prime Minister Gaston Browne said his government had incorporated a successor to the existing, heavily-indebted LIAT 1974 Ltd. whose launch could be expedited to ensure limited disruption of flights. "As a contingency arrangement, should you decide not to consider the reorganisation of LIAT 1974 Ltd, the government of Antigua and Barbuda intends to launch LIAT 2020 Ltd as early as possible," Browne wrote, adding "to this end, we have applied to register the name, and we hereby seek your release of the trademark to allow LIAT 2020 Ltd to be registered." He added that his administration has set aside XCD20 million East Caribbean dollars (USD7.4 million) to capitalise the newco and has also secured serious commitments for a further XCD20 million in funding from other governments and private firms interested in gaining a shareholding in the airline. To that end, an "expert" team is also in the process of drawing up a business plan for an airline that is "lean and efficient" but also profitable. "We extend an open invitation to all CARICOM governments, particularly the main shareholders of LIAT 1974 Ltd to participate in the ownership of LIAT 2020 Ltd. We remain convinced that a sustainable air bridge between the countries of CARICOM is essential to the success of regional integration in all its aspects, as it is crucial to act as a feeder airline for the transportation of tourists," he added. Saddled with over XCD100 million (USD37 million) in legacy debts to employees and lessors among other creditors, LIAT 1974 Ltd.'s fate appears sealed. Following Browne's comments on June 30 that LIAT faced an uncertain future given the prolonged impact of the COVID-19 crisis as well as shareholders' unwillingness to shore up its bottom line, the airline disabled its internet booking portal with reservations no longer possible.
  3. outra coisa que me chama atenção é que quando as coisas engrenarem de vez muitas pessoas vão viajar de avião mas com créditos de passagens compradas antes da pandemia, o que não traz retorno financeiro algum para a empresa eu mesmo viajo com certa frequencia (porém minha ultima viagem de avião foi no começo de março), tenho muitos creditos para usar, usei recentemente alguns créditos com a azul para pegar uma passagem para o final de setembro
  4. Royal Air Maroc July/August 2020 International operations as of 03JUL20 By Jim Liu Posted7 July 2020 11:00 nkedIn Royal Air Maroc as of last week filed service changes for the month of July and August 2020, regarding its International operation. As of 03JUL20, the oneWorld carrier intends to resume International service as early as 11JUL20, however this remains subject to change. Upon service resumption, the airline will operate following routes with reduced frequencies until 31AUG20 (frequency comparison is based on OAG schedules as of 03JUL20 vs 05APR20, for July and August). Schedules on/after 01SEP20 is pending. Various travel restrictions will impact the airline's planned operation. Agadir – Paris Orly Reduce from 8 to 7 weekly Al Hoceima – Amsterdam eff 29JUL20 1 weekly Al Hoceima – Brussels eff 28JUL20 1 weekly Casablanca – Abidjan Reduce from 14 to 7 weekly Casablanca – Accra eff 01AUG20 Reduce from 9 to 5 weekly Casablanca – Algiers 7 weekly Casablanca – Amsterdam Reduce from 7 to 5 weekly Casablanca – Bamako eff 31JUL20 Reduce from 11 to 7 weekly Casablanca – Banjul Reduce from 6-7 weekly to 4-5 weekly Casablanca – Barcelona Reduce from 14 to 7 weekly Casablanca – Beirut eff 01AUG20 5 weekly Casablanca – Bissau – Praia – Casablanca 2 weekly Casablanca – Bologna Reduce from 14 to 7 weekly Casablanca – Bordeaux Reduce from 7 to 4 weekly Casablanca – Brazzaville – Kinshasa – Casablanca Reduce from 3 to 2 weekly Casablanca – Brussels Reduce from 14 to 7 weekly Casablanca – Cairo eff 01AUG20 12 weekly Casablanca – Conakry Reduce from 10 to 5 weekly Casablanca – Cotonou – Lome – Casablanca 5 weekly terminator service each to Cotonou and Lome during peak season consolidated to 3 weekly triangle service Casablanca – Dakar Reduce from 10 to 7 weekly Casablanca – Douala – Bangui – Casablanca Reduce from 3 to 2 weekly Casablanca – Douala – Yaounde – Casablanca 2 weekly Casablanca – Frankfurt Reduce from 7 to 5 weekly Casablanca – Freetown Reduce from 4 to 2 weekly Casablanca – Geneva Reduce from 11 to 7 weekly Casablanca – Gran Canaria 3 weekly Casablanca – Istanbul 7 weekly Casablanca – Jeddah eff 02AUG20 4-6 weekly (787-8 in August) Casablanca – Jeddah – Riyadh – Casablanca eff 08AUG20 1 weekly (787-8 in August) Casablanca – Kinshasa – Brazzaville – Casablanca Reduce from 4 to 1 weekly Casablanca – Lagos Reduce from 12 to 5 weekly Casablanca – Lisbon Reduce from 13 to 4 weekly Casablanca – London Heathrow 9 weekly Casablanca – Lyon Reduce from 13 to 7 weekly Casablanca – Madrid Reduce from 14 to 7 weekly Casablanca – Malaga Reduce from 12 to 5 weekly Casablanca – Marseille Reduce from 14 to 7 weekly Casablanca – Milan Malpensa Reduce from 14 to 7 weekly Casablanca – Monrovia Reduce from 4 to 2 weekly Casablanca – Montpellier 2 weekly Casablanca – Montreal Reduce from 12 to 7 weekly (787-8/-9) Casablanca – Moscow Domodedovo Reduce from 3 to 2 weekly Casablanca – Nantes Reduce from 7 to 4 weekly Casablanca – New York JFK Reduce from 14 to 7 weekly (787-8/-9) Casablanca – Niamey Reduce from 5 to 3 weekly Casablanca – Nice Reduce from 6 to 4 weekly Casablanca – Nouakchott eff 15JUL20 7 weekly Casablanca – Ouagadougou Reduce from 7 to 3 weekly Casablanca – Paris CDG Reduce from 14 to 7 weekly Casablanca – Paris Orly Reduce from 51 to 28 weekly (From 26JUL20, 787-8/-9 operates 3 times weekly) Casablanca – Praia eff 30JUL20 2 weekly Casablanca – Praia – Bissau – Casablanca eff 29JUL20 3 weekly Casablanca – Rome Reduce from 10 to 5 weekly Casablanca – Strasbourg 2 weekly Casablanca – Tenerife South 3 weekly Casablanca – Toulouse Reduce from 8 to 4 weekly Casablanca – Tunis Reduce from 14 to 7 weekly Casablanca – Turin Reduce from 4 to 3 weekly Casablanca – Valencia Reduce from 7 to 3 weekly Casablanca – Venice Reduce from 4 to 3 weekly Casablanca – Washington Dulles Reduce from 5 to 3 weekly (787-8) Fez – Paris Orly Reduce from 6 to 3 weekly Laayoune – Gran Canaria/Las Palmas eff 03AUG20 6 weekly Marrakech – Paris Orly Reduce from 12 to 7 weekly Nador – Amsterdam 3 weekly Nador – Brussels 3 weekly Nador – Dusseldorf 1 weekly Nador – Frankfurt 1 weekly Oujda – Amsterdam 2 weekly Oujda – Brussels 1 weekly Oujda – Paris Orly Reduce from 11 to 7 weekly Rabat – Paris Orly Reduce from 14 to 7 weekly Tangier – Amsterdam 2 weekly Tangier – Gibraltar 2 weekly Tangier – Paris Orly Reduce from 6 to 3 weekly Following service tentatively to resume on 01SEP20. To/From Casablanca: Amman, Antalya, Athens, Beijing Daxing, Berlin Tegel, Boston, Copenhagen, Doha, Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen, Libreville, London Gatwick, Malabo, Manchester , Miami, Munich, N’Djamena, Porto, Rio de Janeiro Galeao, Sao Paulo Guarulhos, Stockholm Arlanda, Vienna, Zurich. To/From Rabat: Brussels, London Gatwick, Madrid, Marseille. To/From Tangier: Brussels
  5. A verdade que o único lugar que o e2 e o a220 competem é dentro da mente dos brasileiros apaixonados pela embraer basta voce olhar o backlog de encomendas de ambas as aeronaves....
  6. Summary: i. RAM to sell off 20 aircraft including 4 E90s, 4 B788s, and 12 B737NGs. ii. Post CV-19 fleet to consist of 4 B789s + 25 B738s + 6 AT7s + 2 B7M8s + 1 B788 only iii. 30% of total workforce to be cut fonte: https://www-moroccoworldnews-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.moroccoworldnews.com/2020/07/307614/ram-plans-to-discharge-30-of-its-personnel-liquidate-20-planes/amp/
  7. apesar do sensacionalismo deve ser uma parada a la copa airlines
  8. El Al CEO Gonen Usishkin, ordered all of the company's aircraft to return to Israel. All flights, including both passenger and cargo flights, are cancelled until further notice. El Al has cancelled all flights planned for Wednesday, after the pilot's union announced that pilots would not embark on flights due to the company's financial crisis. According to Globes, El Al CEO Gonen Usishkin ordered all of the company's aircraft to return to Israel. All flights, including both passenger and cargo flights, are cancelled until further notice. El Al lost $140 million, about half a billion NIS, in the first quarter of 2020, according to a report by the company on Tuesday. The pilot's union announced on Tuesday evening that after "the administration of the company did not even respect the agreements that were signed with the union less than a month ago, the union had no choice but to arrive to the conclusion that the owners of the company are unable to save it from its situation," KAN news reported. The dispute between the pilots and the company was also caused by the refusal by El Al to transfer Boeing 737 pilots to Dreamliner aircraft for cargo and passenger flights, according to Maariv. El Al announced that it was in advanced stages of arriving to an agreement to receive aid from the government, but still needed the agreement of the workers and unions in order to receive the aid. Since the coronavirus crisis began, about 100 pilots have continued working for El Al, while the rest are on unpaid leave.
  9. Time coming to replace LIAT with new carrier - Antiguan PM Given perennial losses worsened by the COVID-19 crisis, pan-Caribbean carrier LIAT (LI, Antigua) will likely be closed during an upcoming shareholders vote. “From all indication, LIAT will be liquidated,” Barbados Today quoted the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne, as telling local Antiguan radio this week. “COVID would have actually, let’s say, increased the losses exponentially, so whereas in all of 2019, LIAT made a loss of about XCD12 million Eastern Caribbean dollars (USD4.44 million), that was within the means of the shareholder governments to subsidize,” Browne said. With most Caribbean island states having closed their respective borders to international commercial traffic, LIAT’s operations have been severely curtailed. To make matters worse, it has still had to make leasing payments on two of its five ATR42-600s and all five of its ATR72-600s. “You would have found that since COVID, the planes have been grounded, they have to pay the lease payments and they are not getting any revenue,” he added. LIAT’s shareholders include 11 Caribbean states of which Barbados, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, and St. Vincent & the Grenadines are the largest while the remainder - Guyana, Jamaica, St. Kitts & Nevis, Montserrat, St. Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago, and Grenada - holds minority stakes alongside various banks and labour unions. Browne said that during an upcoming shareholders meeting, while a vote would have to be taken in favour of winding down the airline, a similar one - albeit focussing on establishing a new replacement carrier - would have to follow shortly after to ensure connectivity among the islands. “A decision will have to be made to collapse it and then maybe the countries within the region will have to come together to form a new entity,” Browne added. “Back in 1974, when LIAT 1974 Ltd was collapsed, my understanding is that it took a day to start the operation of a new entity.” “It may be a little more difficult to get it done within 24 hours, and I do understand that there are a number of stakeholders that we have to satisfy, especially creditors, and I believe that we could do a work out with the various creditors and to literally get some arrangement in which they can accept that we are not conveniently closing LIAT 1974 Ltd. The governments cannot go any further with it.” Browne conceded that creditors, which include staff and lessors, among others, would have to accept that their claims will have to be reduced if a new carrier is to be borne. “And these creditors, including the staff of LIAT, have to understand that there will have to be some level of cooperation to include possibly some cuts on their liabilities in order to facilitate the creation of a new, viable and sustainable entity,” he said. “LIAT only owns three planes [ATR42-600s] and those planes are charged to the Caribbean Development Bank, so clearly they have a superior claim, and after they would have covered their claim, there will be hardly any assets available to liquidate severance and other liabilities to staff and other creditors, so there has to be a negotiated position.” “The governments won’t be bandits and just walk away from the staff. They will have to pay some form of compassionate payments to assist them. But they have to understand that they are legally vulnerable and that they have to look at the bigger picture and to cooperate, not to become litigious and to prevent the creation of a new LIAT.”
  10. a liat está mal das perns há muito tempo porém pelo que eu lia os países mantinha a empresa viva porque era um serviço essencial para manter a conexão entre as ilhas vamos ver o que vão fazer se era assim tão essencial....
  11. pelo ALARDE que alguns estão fazendo aqui é melhor denunciar o que está acontecendo pro ministério público do que ficar postando no forum, porque pelo jeito é uma "tragédia anunciada" já vimos centenas de crises e nenhum acidente decorrente dela, e casos de pilotos que se suicidaram como da germanwings, LAM e talvez o sumido Malaysian não tiveram relaçao alguma com crise da empresa
  12. Achei Nada com nada Essa lista Pegaram qlq empresa e botaram Na lista Não tem como comparar Lufthansa com alitalia Flybe, essa já bateu as botas antes do Covid
  13. isso pq fecharam a latam argentina completamente só mantiveram os vôos até EZE das outras filiais
  14. a verdade que a marca latam ainda não pegou no brasil né muita gente ainda fala tam, eu mesmo tem momentos que falo tam e outras latam
  15. 26.06.2020 - 14:56 UTC JetSMART (JA, Santiago de Chile Int'l) is still considering setting up a Brazilian subsidiary despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier this week, officials at the Brazilian civil aviation authority (Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil - ANAC) confirmed to Reuters that the Chilean LCC had indeed submitted a proposal as far back as March 10 of this year. "Even though the pandemic has substantially reduced demand, we are still analyzing new operations in the region, although we are following the shape and speed of the market recovery in Brazil and other countries," JetSMART CEO Estuardo Ortiz told the news agency in a statement. To stimulate increased connectivity across the planet's fifth-largest country by area, the Brazilian government has adopted legislation which permits locally-flagged airlines to be 100% foreign-owned. JetSMART is wholly-owned by US-based ultra-low-cost specialist investment firm, Indigo Partners. The Chilean carrier, in turn, owns part of JetSMART Argentina (WJ, Buenos Aires El Palomar).
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