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  1. Em alguns manuais de bimotores leves está escrito: "Certas combinações de peso do avião, configuração, condições atmosféricas e velocidade, poderão acarretar uma razão de subida negativa." Quanto a arremeter mono, há no manual a recomendação de evitar sempre que possível.
  2. É possível recolher o trem de pouso no solo, precocemente durante o início de uma arremetida?
  3. Seria esse? http://avherald.com/h?article=4b39bd2e
  4. https://youtu.be/8qYW-hlWUd4 https://youtu.be/6VmkzrhQlVk filmagem cctv.
  5. MMDO 312018Z 07003KT 7SM TSRA BKN020CB 20/13 A3023 RMK 8/900 TSRAB13=
  6. http://avherald.com/h?article=4bbcb11c&opt=0 "There are conflicting informations indicating the aircraft attempted to reject takeoff but could not prevent an overrun of the runway, other information claims the aircraft lost height shortly after becoming airborne."
  7. E as buscas acabaram mais uma vez. "On May 29th 2018 Ocean Infinity announced the search is coming to an end: Ocean Infinity, the technology company specializing in collecting high resolution seabed data, today confirms that its current search for the wreckage of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 is shortly coming to an end. During the course of its operation, Ocean Infinity searched and collected high quality data from over 112,000 km2 of ocean floor successfully overcoming both challenging conditions and terrain. The total area covered, in a little over 3 months of operational days, is far in excess of the initial 25,000 km2 target and almost the same area as the previous search achieved in 2 ½ years. Oliver Plunkett, Ocean Infinitys CEO, said: I would firstly like to extend the thoughts of everyone at Ocean Infinity to the families of those who have lost loved ones on MH370. Part of our motivation for renewing the search was to try to provide some answers to those affected. It is therefore with a heavy heart that we end our current search without having achieved that aim. We are most grateful to the Government of Malaysia for entertaining our offer and affording us the opportunity to recommence the search. The commitment that the new government in Malaysia has made to prioritising finding MH370 was very good to hear. We want to thank the team onboard Seabed Constructor who have worked tirelessly and all the many companies, organizations and individuals whose support, guidance and advice were invaluable. The staff at the ATSB whose dedication to finding the plane has been unwavering deserve our particular gratitude. Whilst clearly the outcome so far is extremely disappointing, as a company, we are truly proud of what we have achieved both in terms of the quality of data weve produced and the speed with which we covered such a vast area. There simply has not been a subsea search on this scale carried out as efficiently or as effectively ever before. We sincerely hope that we will be able to again offer our services in the search for MH370 in future. On Oct 19th 2017 Australia's Transport Minister announced that the Malaysian Government has taken up on an offer by private company "Ocean Infinity" to continue the search for MH-370. The minister said: I acknowledge the announcement that the Malaysian Government is entering into an agreement with Ocean Infinity, to search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The Malaysian Government has accepted an offer from Ocean Infinity to search for the missing plane, entering into a no find no fee arrangement. Malaysia's decision to proceed with the search shows the commitment to find MH370. While I am hopeful of a successful search, I'm conscious of not raising hopes for the loved ones of those on board. Ocean Infinity will focus on searching the seafloor in an area that has previously been identified by experts as the next most likely location to find MH370. Australia, at Malaysia's request, will provide technical assistance to the Malaysian Government and Ocean Infinity. No new information has been discovered to determine the specific location of the aircraft, however data collected during the previous search will be provided. As always our thoughts are with the families and friends. I hope that this new search will bring answers, both for the next of kin and for the rest of the world." Fonte: Avherald
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