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  1. A Sideral não poderia fazer um acordo com a Amazon? E operar nos mesmos moldes do que já ocorre nos EUA e Europa.
  2. Vídeo que mostra o controle de tráfego solicitando às outras aeronaves que tentassem contactar o voo MU5735: https://youtu.be/6XkCVaudUnw
  3. Sim... "1. O que são aquelas bolas laranjas nos fios de alta tensão? As bolas que são instaladas nas redes de alta tensão são esferas de fibra de vidro na cor laranja e tem por finalidade sinalizar os cabos da rede nos locais sujeitos a vôos de aeronaves e helicópteros. A instalação é obrigatória e está prevista nas normas da ABNT - Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas, para o setor elétrico nacional, a fim de evitar acidentes com aviões e helicópteros." Fonte: https://www.copel.com/hpcopel/root/nivel2.jsp?endereco=%2Fhpcopel%2Feducacao%2Fpagcopel2.nsf%2Fdocs%2F39EB152E8014FCEE03257428006ECC35
  4. Voltou com a contagem progressiva. Já subiu pra 13 min.
  5. PS-SPJ já está em GRU, após saída de SJK no início da noite de hoje.
  6. Pessoal, o translado foi solicitado pela América do Sul Táxi Aéreo. Essa empresa é a ASTA ou é apenas coincidência de nome?
  7. Crash: Sriwijaya B735 at Jakarta on Jan 9th 2021, lost height and impacted Java Sea By Simon Hradecky, created Saturday, Jan 9th 2021 10:37Z, last updated Saturday, Jan 9th 2021 12:18Z A Sriwijaya Boeing 737-500, registration PK-CLC performing flight SJ-182 from Jakarta to Pontianak (Indonesia) with 56 passengers and 6 crew, was climbing out of Jakarta about 11nm north of Jakarta's Sokarno International Airport over the Java Sea when radar and radio contact was lost with the aircraft at 14:40L (07:40Z). The aircraft has so far not turned up anywhere else. A search is underway. Debris and body parts were located in waters of about 15 meters depth near Lancang Island. Sokarno Airport confirmed radar and radio contact with the aircraft was lost. Data review is underway, further communication to be expected from the Ministry of Transport. Indonesia's Ministry of Transport confirmed contact with the aircraft was lost. A search and rescue operation is in progress under the coordination of Basarnas. The airline so far have not yet commented. Residents of the islands nearby (Thousand Islands) were out on the sea in two boats when they heard two explosions, then found debris afloat at the sea. It was raining at that time. The residents returned one of the boats to their islands about 2 hours later and reported to police. The other boat is still at the scene holding position using an anchor. Thesse residents have so far recovered seats, cables, pockets and jeans. The captain of a ship with 28 crew, that was located about 6nm from the impact site near Lancang Island, reported they were observing an object fall into the waters and set course towards the site. They found flight jackets, body parts and debris of an aircraft. The ship is currently holding position about half a mile off the observed crash site until rescue and recovery services (of Basarnas) arrive. The water is about 15 to 16 meters deep at the crash site. According to ADS-B data the aircraft had departed Sokarno's runway 25R at 07:36Z, was climbing through 10,600 feet at 284 knots over ground at 07:39:50Z about 11nm north of Sokarno Airport and was at 07:40:11Z at 1400 feet at 307 knots over ground about 1.6nm northnortheast of that position (average sink rate 26,300 fpm). https://flightaware.com/live/flight/SJY182/history/20210109/0640Z/WIII/WIOO Metars: WIII 090900Z 29006KT 6000 -RA BKN017 25/23 Q1006 NOSIG= WIII 090830Z 29008KT 4000 RA OVC017 25/24 Q1006 NOSIG= WIII 090800Z 28008KT 4000 -RA BKN016 OVC018 26/24 Q1006 NOSIG= WIII 090730Z 30006KT 5000 -RA FEW017CB OVC018 25/24 Q1006 NOSIG= WIII 090700Z 30007KT 4000 VCTS RA FEW016CB OVC018 25/24 Q1007 NOSIG= WIII 090630Z 34007KT 2000 TSRA FEW016CB OVC018 25/24 Q1007 NOSIG RMK CB OVER THE FIELD= WIII 090600Z 34010G20KT 5000 VCTS -RA FEW016CB OVC018 26/24 Q1007 NOSIG RMK CB TO W AND NW= WIII 090530Z 35012KT 5000 VCTS -RA FEW016CB BKN018 26/25 Q1007 NOSIG RMK CB TO NW AND N= WIII 090500Z 34012KT 6000 VCTS FEW016CB BKN018 28/24 Q1008 TEMPO 5000 -TSRA RMK CB TO NW AND N= WIII 090430Z 28010KT 9999 SCT020 31/24 Q1008 NOSIG= Fonte: http://avherald.com/h?article=4e18553c&opt=0
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