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Found 2 results

  1. 2º trim./1º sem. apresentação: https://www.iairgroup.com/~/media/Files/I/IAG/documents/iandr-featured-publications-english/2Q19%20results%20vFINAL_PRINT_post.pdf Relatório financeiro https://www.iairgroup.com/~/media/Files/I/IAG/Interim%20Management%20Report%20for%20six%20months%20to%20June%2030%202019.pdf Apesar dos ótimos resultados, AL&Caribe são o atual problema, o PRASK caiu 11,5%. Também quem mandou +15,3% ASK. 1º sem. Ebit milhões 1H18 margem 1H18 BA 761 libras -36 11,8% -1.2pp IB 109 euros -38 4,1% -2.2 EI 78 -28 8,0% -3.8 YV 5 -17 0,5% -1.7
  2. MIAMI — Spanish carrier Iberia has announced massive expansion plans to its Latin American network, which is already the most significant in the airline’s worldwide coverage. The carrier will increase frequencies on its flights between Madrid (MAD), Buenos Aires (EZE), and Mexico City (EZE). Iberia currently operates 254 flights per week across 16 countries in Latin America, with MEX and EZE being one of its busiest routes. BUENOS AIRES, MEXICO CITY From October 27, Buenos Aires will increase frequencies from 14-weekly flights to 17. The Spanish flag carrier has served the Argentinean capital city since 1946. The additional flights will be operated by the airline’s brand-new Airbus A330-200s, which come with a two-class configuration of 19 seats in Business and 269 in Economy. These extra three flights will provide a 90,000-seat increase, adding up to 625,000 seats per year. Iberia is also incrementing to 17 flights per week to MEX, which is also operating on a 14 times per week basis at the moment. This will kick in for the 2018/19 Winter season, which is three additional flights as compared to the previous year. The three flights will offer an additional 30,000 seats per year on the route, offering a 13% increase overall. Iberia has operated this route since 1950. The existing Mexico City flights are operated with the airline’s largest aircraft—the Airbus A340-600, which offers room for 36 people in Business, 23 in Premium Economy and 300 in Economy. The A340-600 will continue operating the three additional flights. SANTIAGO, SAN JUAN, RIO DE JANEIRO, GUATEMALA On top of these increments, Iberia is also adding flights to Santiago de Chile (SCL), from one daily flight to 10 services per week. Rio de Janeiro will also see an addition from four to five times per week, together with San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU), where 24% more seats will be on offer to fliers. Finally, on October 1, the carrier will be flying daily to Guatemala City (GUA), which is only operating on a four times per week basis. This is good news for Iberia as the Latin American market remains strong, it means that they do not have to focus into any other current markets at this time. As the carrier continues to receive its new Airbus A350-900 aircraft, the airline’s network might continue to expand further. Iberia took delivery in late-June the first of 16 A350s that the carrier is due to receive over the next three years, with the final delivery expected to be completed by 2021 respectively. https://airwaysmag.com/airlines/iberia-upgauges-presence-in-latin-america-details/
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