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AA pode pedir frequências extras caso RG pare de voar


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Fonte: Flyertalk

Link: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=554484

Data: 03/05/2006


VARIG has been reported as being on the brink of shutting down. AA is expected to request emergency authority for increased frequencies to GRU and GIG when this occurs.


"The U.S. Embassy has received reports from official visitors and tourists of recent Varig domestic flight cancellations due to the airline's financial difficulties. These cancellations have resulted in missed connecting flights in São Paulo and Rio and have disrupted travelers' itineraries.


In addition, numerous press articles report that Varig will cease operations as they remain unable to restructure its debt."


More information from the GB Foreign Office:


"The Brazilian airline, Varig, is in serious financial difficulty. Several flights, international and internal, have been cancelled or delayed in recent weeks. Varig is a private sector company, and the Brazilian government has said that it will not bail it out; there is therefore an imminent risk of collapse. You should take this into account when booking air travel, and consider the alternative options."

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