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KLM relacoes publicas..........ainda com falhas


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Airline's plane awesome customer service move {C} {C}




{C} {C}

The live customer feed is available via Twitter, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in at least 10 different languages - and the wait time display is clearly displayed on the cover photo for those wanting to know how long they will need to wait before they receive a response - and updated every five minutes.

Although Twitter does not have the functionality to update wait times, KLM does it manually by updating the cover photo every five minutes.



When news.com.au tested the wait time it wasn't anywhere close to the estimated time published online, but it's good to know that KLM is at least trying. But don't hold your breath - two days later we have yet to receive a response.

The feed is also available via Facebook, and VKontakte (the second-biggest social network in Europe).

"We believe in the transparency of social media," KLM SVP Martijn van der Zee said in a statement. "Customers want to know what to expect from us. We now offer them real-time insight into our response time."





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