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Improved E175 Beats Performance Goals


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Embraer has achieved a 6.4-percent average fuel efficiency improvement with its updated E175, significantly more than the 5-percent gain originally targeted, the company said Wednesday as it rolled out the first of the updated models featuring what it calls a range of aerodynamic improvements. Modifications include the introduction of a new wingtip, systems improvements and aerodynamic streamlining. Embraer plans to deliver the first E175 with the complete package of modifications to Indianapolis-based Republic Airways “in the coming weeks.”

Embraer claims the E175 offers “better economics, greater productivity as well as superior passenger comfort” compared with the Bombardier Q400 turboprop on routes extending longer than 250 nm. Apart from its reduced fuel burn, other improvements to the current generation of E-Jets include longer maintenance intervals, said Embraer. “These improvements ensure that the airplane will remain competitive until the second generation of the jet, the E175-E2, goes into operation in 2020 when it will offer even greater operating efficiency,” it added.

“The 6.4-percent fuel consumption reduction demonstrates the expertise of our development and manufacturing teams and partners, and our commitment to provide our customers with the best product to keep them competitive,” said Embraer Commercial Aviation president and CEO Paulo Cesar Silva. “We are delivering, on schedule, an airplane unique to the market. With the most comfortable passenger cabin in the 70- to 90-seat category, the E175 is the airplane with the lowest operating cost in its class.”

Last year four U.S. airlines—Republic Airways, United Airlines, SkyWest and American Airlines—placed firm orders for 177 E175s. The contracts also included options on 277 of the airplanes and “re-confirmable orders” for another 60.

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