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Pilot’s Widow Pushes for Secondary Security Barriers

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Ellen Saracini, widow of United Airlines Flight 175 captain Victor Saracini, has not relented in her attempts to see secondary security barriers installed on all airliners while also trying to ensure the barrier equipment already installed on some transport aircraft is not removed.

Saracini attempted to meet with Congressman Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) on April 30 to present the legislator with a number of letters of support for HR1775, a bill that calls for more secondary barrier installations. Saracini, a Pennsylvania resident, was joined in the meeting by two United Airlines pilots.

According to Saracini, congressional staffers indicated that the bill has not left committee because a number of steps, including a risk assessment, need to be taken. However, she believes the proposed legislation has been carefully considered from this perspective. She also complained that Congressman Shuster’s team mistakenly believed that the proposed barrier installation falls under the remit of the Transportation Security Administration, when in fact this is an FAA responsibility. In a press release about the meeting, Saracini expressed concern that lawmakers do not understand the facts and are complacent about the security concerns her campaign raises.


pra quem se pergunta quem foi o Cmte. Saracini, eis a resposta:


Capt. Victor Saracini was the PIC of UA175 when it was commandeered shortly after takeoff from Boston on Sept. 11, 2001, and flown by its hijackers into the south tower of the World Trade Center in New York City.

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