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Ghana: Goldstar Airline to commence operations in June

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New Airliner Goldstar is set to commence operations June 13, 2014- flying Accra London Accra two times weekly, Accra Baltimore Accra two times weekly and Accra Guangzhou Accra once a week as its local partner, Seasons Travel and Tours International offers free visas to all people travelling on the airline to Brazil for the 2014 world cup journey.

The airline is also poised to take its share in the upcoming world cup in Brazil in 2014 and has positioned itself to make the most of the opportunities that the world cup in Brazil brings.

Goldstar’s first flight to Brazil for the world cup will be on the 14 th of June whiles the first flight out of Brazil is scheduled for the 27th of the same month.

Goldstar Airline with is partnering Travel and Tour Operator Seasons Travel and Tour International will look to increasing its passengers especially to Brazil, a move that will inform the number of flight it will make to that country.

President of Season Travel and Tour, Eric Bannerman says they are looking forward to transporting not less than a thousand passengers’ to Brazil , adding that they have started registering and receiving individuals who are interested in flying to Brazil for the world cup.

According to him the only commitment passengers to Brazil would have to make is to pay for their ticket adding that accommodation has been arranged already in Brazil. The price per ticket to Brazil and Back is $1399 each to Natal, which is the match venue.

Mr. Bannerman assured the travelling public that their airline was very safe and will ensure absolute security of all passengers, noting that the joint venture between Seasons Travel and Tour and Goldstar Airlines was the best deal that anyone can count on to have the safest of flights especially to Brazil for the world cup.

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