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um Fokker 100 da Iran Aseman Airlines fez uma aterrissagem de emergencia

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By Simon Hradecky, created Saturday, May 10th 2014 20:03Z, last updated Sunday, May 11th 2014 15:31Z


An Iran Aseman Airlines Fokker 100, registration EP-ASZ performing flight EP-853 from Mashad to Zahedan (Iran) with 103 people on board, was on approach to Zahedan when the left main gear did not extend prompting the crew to abort the approach and enter a hold at about 12:00L (07:30Z). Attempts to lower the left main gear via alternate means were without success forcing the crew to perform a partial gear up landing on Zahedan's runway 35 about one hour after aborting the first approach, the aircraft veered left off the runway causing a huge plume of dust rising above the aircraft. The aircraft came to a stop about 1500 meters down the runway left off the runway. 9 occupants received minor injuries, 2 of them were taken to hospital for observation, 7 treated at the airport. The aircraft received substantial damage.

The airport reported the aircraft entered a hold for about one hour after the left main gear did not indicate down and locked. The crew attempted to the extend and lock the gear according to checklists, but all attempts failed. The aircraft burned off fuel while emergency services prepared for the arrival of the aircraft. There were no injuries during the landing, however, during the emergency evacuation 9 injuries occurred as result of people rushing out of the emergency exits. The accident is under investigation.

Related NOTAM:
A1196/14 - DISABLED ACFT AT 1500M AFTER THR RWY35, 31M LEFT SIDE OF RWY CL, WITH HEIGHT 23FT, CTN ADZ. 10 MAY 16:09 2014 UNTIL 10 MAY 18:00 2014 ESTIMATED. CREATED: 10 MAY 16:11 2014

OIZH 100930Z 33010KT 8000 SCT030CB SCT035TCU 27/M03 Q1010 A2985
OIZH 100900Z 33010KT 8000 SCT030CB FEW035TCU 29/M03 Q1011 A2985 TEMPO SHRA
OIZH 100830Z 35012KT 8000 FEW030CB SCT035TCU 29/M02 Q1011 A2986
OIZH 100800Z 33010KT 8000 FEW035TCU 28/M03 Q1011 A2987 NOSIG
OIZH 100730Z 33010KT 8000 FEW035TCU 28/M01 Q1011 A2987
OIZH 100700Z 36006KT 8000 FEW035 28/M01 Q1011 A2988 NOSIG
OIZH 100630Z 30014KT 8000 FEW035 27/M00 Q1012 A2989
OIZH 100600Z 30010KT 8000 FEW035 27/M01 Q1012 A2990 NOSIG
OIZH 100530Z 00000KT 8000 SKC 27/01 Q1012 A2990
OIZH 100500Z 33004KT 8000 SKC 25/01 Q1012 A2990 NOSIG

e video: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ef1_1399818857

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