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Ataque terrorista no aeroporto de Karachi, Paquistão


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Alguém está sabendo de mals alguma coisa? Fiquei sabendo por amigos de Luxemburgo. Até onde eles conseguiram saber, um 747 da Cargolux foi destruído e parece que a tripulação vitimada mas não se sabe a que nível...







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Gunmen Attack Karachi Airport, Killing at Least 5



JUNE 8, 2014



Pakistani security troops rushed to Karachi’s international airport. Credit Shakil Adil/Associated Press



KARACHI, Pakistan — Gunmen attacked a cargo and V.I.P. area of Karachi’s international airport late Sunday night, engaging in a heavy firefight with security forces and killing at least five people, Pakistani officials said.


Security officials said that six to 10 attackers made it past security barriers at one of the airport’s cargo gates, close to runways. Local news networks reported the men were wearing security uniforms and rammed through security checkpoints in a van. Officials said that the attackers were using grenades and automatic weapons, and news reports said that at least two planes had caught fire, and huge fireballs were seen near the runway.


An official at Jinnah Hospital in Karachi, Dr. Seemi Jamaili, said that at least five people had been killed so far, including three Airport Security Force guards and two airport employees. At least nine people were reported injured, and all the city’s hospitals were put on alert, Dr. Jamaili said.


Nearby military units had sealed off the airport and took the lead in the fighting, which continued hours into Monday morning. Flights were canceled or diverted away from Karachi, officials said.


It was also not immediately known whether the gunmen specifically meant to attack that part of the airport, Pakistan’s largest, or had been stopped by airport security on their way to somewhere else.


“The target appears to be to create panic and damage the fleet,” said one government official, who said that spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing attack.


It was unclear who was behind the attack, and there was no immediate claim of responsibility, though initial suspicion fell on the Pakistani Taliban or one of its splinter groups.


A tentative peace process with the Taliban, begun by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s government in February, has disintegrated in recent weeks. The militant group has split into at least two opposed factions, in part over disagreements about whether to negotiate with the government. The Pakistani Army renewed a campaign of airstrikes against the militants in North Waziristan two weeks ago, and factions of the Taliban were believed to be behind a deadly attack on a high-security military complex near Rawalpindi last week.


Karachi, Pakistan’s commercial hub and biggest city, has in recent years been increasingly contested by the Taliban and other militants. Many have moved in from the country’s northwestern tribal regions and have become embroiled in the chaotic and violent political turf battles that have wracked the city.


In separate violence, in a part of remote Baluchistan Province on the border with Iran, at least 23 Shiites were reported killed in a coordinated suicide bombing. The Associated Press quoted provincial officials as saying the attack had come as the victims were returning from a visit to Iran.


Although the Taliban have frequently been behind attacks on Shiites and other religious and ethnic minorities in Pakistan, such violence in Baluchistan has more often been waged by other sectarian militias like Lashkar-e-Janghvi. Human rights officials have accused Pakistan’s military of aiding or turning a blind eye toward those groups, as they are considered its allies in a long war against Baluch separatists.



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Militants attack Karachi airport; 6 dead



From Sophia Safi and Sanjay Gupta, CNN
updated 5:28 PM EDT, Sun June 8, 2014

Karachi, Pakistan (CNN) -- Militants attacked Karachi's international airport on Sunday, killing four military personnel and leaving some passengers stuck in sealed-off areas as violence erupted, a senior Pakistani official said.


At least two militants were killed in the clashes, which broke out after attackers entered the airport through three entrances, said Ahmad Chinoy, director-general of the citizen's police liaison committee.


All flights at the airport have been canceled, and some passengers are trapped in a lounge area, Chinoy said.


The violence started late Sunday night and continued for more than two hours into Monday morning, sending a plume of smoke over the airport.


Militants were using grenades in the attack, Chinoy said.


Maj. Gen. Asim Bajwa of the Pakistani Army said in a Twitter post that terrorists were "contained in one area" at the airport.


"All passengers in planes evacuated to safer places," he said. "Hunt for terrorists on."


The militants entered the airport through an old terminal building late Sunday, according to Sharjeel Memon, information minister for the Sindh Province.


Jinnah International Airport in Karachi is Pakistan's largest and busiest airport.




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Aeroporto é atacado por atiradores no Paquistão


Agência Estado

08 Junho 2014 | 17h 05


Atiradores provocaram pânico e suspensão de todos os voos do Aeroporto Internacional de Quaid-e-Azam, em Karachi, Paquistão, neste domingo. Pelo menos quatro pessoas morreram.


Segundo testemunhas, vários homens mascarados começaram o ataque com granadas e armas automáticas no Terminal Um. "Eles atacaram os seguranças do aeroporto e então entraram", informou uma testemunha. A segurança do aeroporto informou que haviam entre 10 a 15 homens no ataque.


"O aeroporto de Karachi foi atacado. As forças de segurança estão tentando controlar a situação. Todos os voos estão suspensos", disse o porta-voz da Autoridade de Aviação Civil do Paquistão, Abid Kaimkhani.


Imagens da TV mostravam fumaça saindo do aeroporto e fogo próximo à uma aeronave estacionada próxima ao Terminal Um. O aeroporto de Karachi é um dos mais movimentados do Paquistão e utilizado por companhias aéreas como Emirates, Thai Airways e Turkish Airlines.


Karachi, uma grande metrópole, tem sido palco de vários ataques nos meses recentes, que têm matado civis e forças de segurança. Muitas partes da cidade estão sob o controle do Taleban. Um acordo de cessar fogo entre o Taleban e o governo expirou em abril, após tentativas de um acordo de paz terem fracassado.




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Retirado do facebook:



Update: We have received news that 7 aircraft have completely been destroyed that included 1 Cargolux 747 & 1 PIA A310 (AP-BDZ). An ATR from PIA and an Airblue bird has been damaged as well. Thai 333 (HS-TEL) bearing Star Alliance livery has also been damaged as rumored. She is suggested to be on the tarmac as during the time of attack she getting ready to depart KHI. An EK 77W (A6-EBP) is also suggested to be in the same predicament. Reports came in that an hijacking attempt was made on her but the Pakistan Army has taken over controls of her and she is safe as of now. Huge fire has been seen in the airport which is being attributed to the blowing up of oil depots present in the premises. Nothing is sure yet though as news are coming in from all directions.

Gunmen attacked a cargo and V.I.P. area of Karachi’s international airport late Sunday night, engaging in a heavy firefight with security forces and killing at least four of them, Pakistani security officials said. Hijacking has been attempted as rumours are coming in. 6 Planes have been set on fire according to sources. Witnesses saw heavy plumes of smoke rising from the airport, and one Pakistani news channel showed footage of a large fire burning from where a few planes were parked.

Security forces sealed off the airport, and flights began being diverted away from Karachi soon after the firing began. Lets just hope that the whole mess gets sorted out quickly and everyone stays safe. Our prayers are with those in KHI!"

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Ate agora não conseguiram confirmar o CLX não...

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Heavily armed gunmen have attacked Karachi international airport in Pakistan, killing at least 10 people.

Police say four of the gunmen who attacked Jinnah International Airport's old terminal have also been killed.

Security personnel have sealed off the airport and army commandos have been called in, with gunfire continuing.

All operations at the terminal have been suspended and all flights to the airport are being diverted.

Staff are being evacuated.

At least 14 people have been wounded.

Billowing smoke

The dead terminal staff were said to be mostly security guards from the Airport Security Force (ASF) but also airline workers.

Dawn News said the gunmen had infiltrated from the Fokker Gate area.

The attackers are believed to have entered the area using fake ID cards. Other reports suggest they cut through a barbed wire fence.

There is no indication yet who is carrying out the attack.

Smoke is billowing from the attacked terminal.

'Plane on fire'

An ASF spokesman told Agence France-Presse that the gunmen had reached the runway and that a "gun battle is continuing between terrorists and [armed] forces".

An AFP reporter saw used gun magazines littering the engineering section where the first exchange took place and said that the previously heavy gunfire was now more sporadic.

However, the reporter later heard two huge blasts at the airport.

Dawn reported that some attackers had managed to get inside a plane.

Hammad, a diplomat staying near the airport, told the BBC he had gone on to his rooftop and could see a plane on fire in the airport.

Sarmad Hussain, an official with Pakistan International Airlines, told AP: "I was working at my office when I heard big blasts - several blasts - and then there were heavy gunshots."

He said he and a colleague escaped by jumping from a window. His colleague broke a leg.

The terminal is not normally used for commercial flights but for cargo and special VIP operations.

Sindh's Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah is said to have arrived at the scene.

Pakistan has been fighting an Islamist insurgency for more than a decade, with the Pakistani Taliban the main militant group.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif recently told the BBC he was still hopeful his peace initiative with the Taliban could succeed.

But little headway has been made since February and there have been frequent violent clashes.

Karachi has been a target for many insurgent attacks.

Gunmen attacked the Mehran naval base there in 2011, killing 10 personnel and destroying two aircraft in a 17-hour siege.

Pelo jeito não foram destruídos muitos aviões.

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"Zona liberada. Nenhum dano aos aviões. O incêndio visto em imagens foi extinto, mas se tratava de um prédio e não de um avião. Todas as atividades vitais do aeroporto estão intactas", declarou o porta-voz do Exército, Asim Bajwa


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"Zona liberada. Nenhum dano aos aviões. O incêndio visto em imagens foi extinto, mas se tratava de um prédio e não de um avião. Todas as atividades vitais do aeroporto estão intactas", declarou o porta-voz do Exército, Asim Bajwa





Excelente notícia!!!

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Meus prezados


A Cargolux soltou um comunicado informando serem falsos os rumores de que uma de suas aeronaves tenha sofrido danos nesse episódio no aeroporto de Karachi. Informou também que não havia nenhuma aeronave posicionada no aeroporto no momento do ataque. A companhia opera um voo semanal para a capital do Paquistão, às terças, na rota Luxemburgo à Sharjah com escala em Karachi. Devido à situação, essa escala está cancelada até segunda ordem.


Que situação!



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