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Republic E170 at Kansas City on Jul 16th 2014, runway incursion and excursion


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Incident: Republic E170 at Kansas City on Jul 16th 2014, runway incursion and excursion

By Simon Hradecky, created Wednesday, Jul 16th 2014 18:13Z, last updated Wednesday, Jul 16th 2014 18:29Z
A Republic Airlines Embraer ERJ-170 on behalf of US Airways, flight US-3408 from Kansas City,MO to Washington National,DC (USA), was conducting a high speed taxi test about 80 minutes prior to scheduled departure. The aircraft entered runway 19L and was instructed to hold short of runway 09/27 (about 6500 feet/1980 meters down the runway) with the information another aircraft was on short final to runway 27 and was cleared to perform the high speed taxi test on runway 19L but went beyond the intersection with runway 09/27 (runway incursion), turned left off the runway (runway excursion) and came to a stop abeam the end of runway 19L almost perpendicular to the runway center line about 150 meters/500 feet off the runway edge, just before a ditch.

A Fedex MD10 registration N370FE performing flight FX-1450 from Memphis,TN to Kansas City,MO (USA), was on approach to, but not yet cleared to land on runway 27, when the E170 went off the runway, and was instructed to go-around.


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