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Drunk guy poses as airport security to pat down women

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As if airport security wasn't a nightmare enough

If going through airport security wasn’t bad enough, CBS reportsthat a San Francisco man was arrested Tuesday after allegedly posing as a TSA officer to give two private pat downs.

Police say that the ticketed passenger went through security, was seen drinking at an airport lounge for a few hours, and then circled back to security to convince women to join him in the private screening room. CBS reports the 53-year-old might have swiped a pair of official blue gloves to look the part.

The actual agents noticed something was amiss when they saw him bringing a second woman to the booth, as male officers are only allowed to do that if a female agent is present.

The man is currently facing charges for being drunk in public.


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Só eu achei bizarro ele ter sido indiciado somente por embriaguez em ambiente público e nem por, sei lá, abuso sexual ou alguma tipificação mais exata?

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