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caiu um pequeno aviao historico da Lufthansa em Bremen - 2 mortos


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Lufthansa Saab 91B trainer crashes in Bremen

By: MICHAEL GUBISCHLONDON Source: Flightglobal.com 20 hours ago
Lufthansa lost its historic Saab 91B Safir training aircraft in a crash in Bremen on 1 August.
The single-piston-engined aircraft (registration D-EBED) crashed in a car park soon after it took off for a sightseeing flight from the city’s airport, says the aircraft’s operator, Lufthansa subsidiary ProFlight.
ProFlight specialises in hiring out the airline’s flight simulators to enthusiasts.
Both occupants were killed in the accident.
Lufthansa Flight Training restored the aircraft at its Bremen facility in 2002, as the type had been the airline’s first training aircraft after it restarted operations in 1955.
An investigation into the cause of the accident is under way.
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aqui um comento sobre esse acidente:



The pilot made a call for an emergency return to the airport, after what seems to have been an engine failure. According to one eyewitness at the auto dealership where it crashed, the aircraft hit in a parking lot and slid a short distance into a building, where it burst into flames, setting fire to a storage facility for customers' winter tires, and also some cars. The post-crash fire was a large one that over a hundred firefighters had to respond to, but there were no injuries or deaths aside from deaths of the pilot and the passenger in the accident aircraft.

There was a report of the aircraft having been "in Trudeln," spinning, so that a stall-spin following an engine failure must be one scenario that the crash investigators shall be looking at.

The dealership is close to the airport, which is itself not far from the city. It's the usual case of a city growing to envelop the environs of an airport that was once further away. There was an almost immediate call from an organization that looks after the welfare of accident victims, for training flights to be restricted.

First reports were that the accident pilot was a Lufthansa pilot. In today's paper he's described as working for a Lufthansa-affiliated organization, with his passenger an Italian photographer.

It was good weather at the time of the accident.

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