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Accident: US Airways E190 at Houston


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A US Airways Embraer ERJ-190, registration N953UW performing flight US-1825 from Philadelphia,PA to Houston Intercontinental,TX (USA) with 53 passengers and 4 crew, was on approach to Houston's runway 27 when upon being handed off to tower the crew requested to maintain 2000 feet to "troubleshoot this". The approach clearance was cancelled, the aircraft overflew the runway. About 5 minutes later the crew reported they had done the alternate gear extension but weren't sure whether all gear was down and requested to perform a low approach to have the gear inspected from the ground. The crew reported that they briefly had a green nose and green main but the nose turned red afterwards, now they had all red, but some of the gear was down, there was quite some drag. On the first low approach to runway 27, about 1300 feet, tower was unable to sight the nose gear, crew and tower decided to a low approach to 500 feet runway 27 might be better. Five airport vehicles were dispatched to the parallel taxiway to have a look at the aircraft during the low approach, subsequently tower reported he did not see any nose gear down, so did the airport vehicles. The crew declared emergency at that point. The crew worked another couple of checklists then positioned for approach to runway 27 and landed the aircraft on runway 27 coming to a stop on the main gear and aircraft nose. The crew advised so far everything looked good, they were evacuating. One person received injuries, the damage to the aircraft is being assessed.

The FAA reported in the afternoon of Feb 9th 2015, that one person received injuries when the aircraft landed with the nose gear retracted.


The aircraft after landing (Photo: Passenger Carter Ozanus):



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