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Terminal 1 do Aeroporto de Sheremetyevo será demolido

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Creio que muitos aqui conheçam - seja por fotos ou ao vivo - o antigo terminal de Sheremetyevo, que foi copiado inspirado no Worldport da Pan Am. E virou um dos símbolos do aeroporto.


Menos glamoroso que seu colega norte-americano, o de SVO também será demolido.


Copio aqui o texto que fala sobre isso, da página do Facebook "Remembering the Pan Am Worldport"



It's another sad day for aviation architectural history.
Many of you may recall us talking about this building during our campaign; I dubbed it the Russian Worldport; built during the Cold War after Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev saw the then new Pan Am terminal at JFK and ordered upon his return to Moscow for a 'better' one to be built at Sheremetyevo Airport.
Today one of our petition signers sent the following:
"Unfortunately The iconic saucer pavilion in Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport will be demolished. The works are to begin shortly. Journalists were allowed to see it for the last time. I am not in Moscow, so I could only see the pics barely holding tears. They've invited journalists for a press conference to tell about the future terminal on the site.
"But how mean it was to hold a press conference in the pavilion they are going to tear down. And it is good they let at least some media to see it for the last time, even take a farewell helicopter tour to shoot it from above."
I believe demolition will start almost immediately. This was an unexpected outcome since earlier announcements led one to believe the Saucer would be integrated in the new terminal design. I agree holding the Press Conference in the building to suddenly announce its demolition was callous but at least they allowed the Press to roam around and take photos unlike what happened at JFK.
The timing of the decision makes it impossible for our Russian friends to launch a preservation campaign but I've agreed to help if there is time to delay the decision.
Here is a photo essay from the press conference. It is in Cyrillic so you can't read it but some of the photos are great. - Kal
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