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[INGLÊS] Empresas americanas arrecadam USD 1,7bn de receita extra no 3Q2015


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US carriers collected USD1.7bn from baggage, reservation change fees in 3Q2015, Delta tops list

17-Dec-2015 4:21 PM


US Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported (15-Dec-2015) US scheduled passengers airlines collected USD1.0 billion in baggage fees, 2.3% of total operating revenue, and USD755 million from reservation change fees, 1.7% of total operating revenue, in 3Q2015. The US BTS also reported the following airline rankings by baggage fee revenue and reservation change revenue for 3Q2015:

Baggage fee revenue: USD1.0 billion; ('000s)

American Airlines: USD292,089;

Delta Air Lines: USD236,890;

United Airlines: USD184,740;

Spirit Airlines: USD77,328;

Frontier: USD56,582;

JetBlue: USD42,717;

Allegiant Air: USD39,934;

Alaska Airlines: USD34,127;

Hawaiian Airlines: USD21,965;

Virgin America: USD16,094;

Reservation change revenue: USD755 million; ('000s)

Delta: USD230,939;

American Airlines: USD216,993;

United Airlines: USD202,185;

JetBlue: USD36,841;

Alaska Airlines: USD26,637;

Spirit Airlines: USD10,893;

Virgin America: USD9502;

Frontier: USD9321;

Hawaiian Airlines: USD5284;

Allegiant: USD2749.

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