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Should Boeing worry of Airbus’s growing orders?


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Should Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) Worry of Airbuss Growing Orders?


Elizabeth Cortney by Elizabeth Cortney | @ | January 4, 2016 8:02 pm


Airbus sees 2016 as the year it finally gets to widen its lead over Boeing Co (NYSE:BA), when it comes to firm orders. The sentiment comes even as the company continues to struggle to find a new customer for its A380 superjumbo. Its been two years since the airplane maker inked a deal for the same, with the program now in need of a new lease of life.


Boeing Co (NYSE:BA)


Struggling A380 Program


Without new orders for the A380 program, finance director, Harald Wilhelm has already warned they could be forced to scrap the program altogether. ANA Holdings of Japan is the only company that has shown interest in acquiring three of the A380s. The Japanese company is open to spending $428 million on each of the superjumbos.


Airbus is currently under discussion for the sale of 30 of the superjumbos with other potential customers. The major derailment to the company reaching a deal with such customers is the engine of the airplane. Emirates Airline, a major customer of the A380s, has from time to time insisted that the aircraft needs to be launched with a more fuel-efficient engine. With Boeing producing more fuel efficient airplanes, Airbus could suffer a great deal going forward.


Airbus Growing Lead


Airbus still leads its bigger rival Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) when it comes to net orders. As of the end of December, Airbus firm orders stood at 1022 compared to 743 for its US rival. It is a lead that the France-based aircraft maker is looking to affirm going forward. Airbus now accounts for about 60% of the booming market when it comes to short-haul jets


Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) is however expected to beat Airbus when it comes to deliveries even though the re-engine A320neo continues to outsell the 737 Max single-aisle. The US aircraft maker could fight back by possibly accelerating plans for a new midsize passenger jet. It could also look to build a more fuel-efficient Max version as well as its long-range 787 Dreamliner.

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O forte da Boeing será o mercado widebody (B777X e B787), que são os nichos mais lucrativos, enquanto que a Airbus focará na quantidade dos narrows para ter lucros comparáveis à concorrente americana.


Diria que hoje a Boeing está mais ágil (entenda-se menos arrogante) e atenta ao mercado tal como era a Airbus nos anos 90.


Para ambas é melhor serem elas apenas as suas inimigas que os chineses, este sim podem preocupar no futuro.

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Se eu quiser ler uma discussão mais técnica (e menos fanboy) de Boeing X Airbus, tem algum livro, artigo ou algum lugar na Internet?


Queria saber se tem algo que discute um pouco mais sobre a filosofia de cada empresa, práticas comerciais, como os aviões se encaixam no perfil de cada empresa, etc.

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