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Preocupação com o Zika provoca exigência de uso de inseticida (em inglês)


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NBAA: Zika Concerns Prompting Insecticide Requirements

- February 17, 2016, 9:41 AM
NBAA is advising that some countries are requiring insecticide treatment for business aircraft as concerns grow about the spread of the Zika virus. In a recent update published by the association, NBAA points to Italy, which has had a number of reported cases involving people who arrived from South America and the Caribbean. Italy is now requiring a certificate of residual disinsection for all aircraft that operate in the nation, regardless of origin. Residual disinsection entails spraying the cabin, cockpit and cargo holds with an approved aerosol insecticide.

Costa Rica requires aircraft arriving from countries affected by the virus to be sprayed while the crew, passengers and luggage are still aboard. In Shanghai, authorities are performing a quarantine examination on aircraft arriving from countries affected by Zika. Russia, too, is monitoring such arrivals.



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