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Lufthansa Plane Nearly Collides With Drone Over LAX


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A Lufthansa jet nearly collided with a drone as the plane prepared to land at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday, officials said.

The pilot of the Airbus A380 reported a drone passing about 200 feet above the plane while it was inbound at 5,000 feet altitude, according to FAA spokesman Ian Gregor.

  • The FAA notified Los Angeles police of the incident, Gregor said.

Lufthansa Flight 456 originated in Frankfurt, Germany, according to real-time flight tracker Flight Aware.




Um dia isso ainda vai dar zebra...e das grandes


Fonte :http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Lufthansa-Plane-Nearly-Collides-With-Drone-Near-LAX-372615822.html?cid=sm_tw&hootPostID=41c1cfc20e62ae58e7bd1ef88db3fd08

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