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[EN] Airbus’s A320 Now Has More Total Orders Than The Boeing 737


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Airbus on top

Airbus released figures at the end of October this year which show that the total number of orders for the A320 family has reached 15,193. Boeing has fallen behind, with 15,136 orders for its 737 aircraft.

Airbus orders were helped massively last month with an order for 300 twinjets from IndiGo. At the end of 2018, Boeing had more than 400 orders more than Airbus.

MRO is reporting that “there are currently 7,251 current-generation A320-family aircraft in service, versus 6,757 737NGs.”

Com esses números, a Família A320 é, agora, o jato comercial mais vendido do mercado. Entre os modelos comerciais em geral, perde apenas para o Douglas DC-3, com 16.079 unidades.
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