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Norwegian vende filial da Argentina

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SOLD! A little over year after commencing domestic operations in Argentina, low-cost airline Norwegian has announced it is abandoning the market with immediate effect.

The carrier today announced it had sold 100 per cent of its Argentinian operation to rival discounter JetSmart, who’s parent company also owns Frontier Airlines and Wizz Air.

Fonte: Aeronews

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Norwegian Air Shuttle has signed an agreement for the sale of 100 per cent of its Argentinian subsidiary Norwegian Air Argentina (NAA) to JetSMART Airlines. “We’re taking necessary steps to return to profitability,” said acting CEO Geir Karlsen.

JetSMART will assume the NAA operation with immediate effect. To minimize the impact on passengers, JetSMART will continue to operate the NAA scheduled flights from Aeroparque airport. The parties expect that the integration process will take several months, and the Norwegian brand will be phased out in the domestic Argentinian network during this period. Over the next six months, the three Boeing 737 currently operated by NAA will be replaced by JetSMART’s Airbus A320 aircraft. The three Boeing 737s will return to service for Norwegian in Europe.

“As Norwegian moves from growth to profitability, we are taking all the necessary actions required to ensure that Norwegian is well positioned going forward. Over the past few months we have made important changes to our route network to ensure long-term profitability. Attaining satisfactory profitability for a relatively small domestic operation has proved difficult to achieve, given the overall situation in the country. While most of NAA’s costs are denominated in dollars, revenue is obtained in pesos only, and the sharp depreciation of the peso against the dollar has created a significant gap between costs and revenue,” said acting CEO and CFO of Norwegian, Geir Karlsen.

“We believe that the agreement we have signed today with JetSMART secures a significant part of what we have built over these two years; continuity of the network and opportunities. It brings the two newest airlines in Argentina into a stronger combined entity that currently carries about 10 percent of the domestic market and will become the third-largest operator in the country,” he continued.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to combine Norwegian Argentina with our current JetSMART operations. JetSMART has a long-term commitment to Argentina as well as of our vision of becoming the leading ultra low-cost airline in South America. With this transaction we will continue providing affordable air travel to our customers both from Aeroparque and El Palomar airports,” said Estuardo Ortiz, CEO of JetSMART.

Additional terms and conditions of the transaction will not be disclosed.

Scheduled flights to be operated as plannedAll passengers who have purchased NAA flights will fly as planned.

NAA solely operates domestic flights within Argentina so the new agreement will not affect Norwegian’s long-haul flights between London and Buenos Aires. These are operated by the British subsidiary Norwegian Air UK.

Norwegian’s employees in NAA will, as per the agreement, be employed by JetSMART except for the company’s Argentina-based call center staff. They will continue as Norwegian employees providing customer services to JetSMART's domestic Argentina operation and to our customers on our long-haul operation between Europe and South America.

“All our colleagues in Argentina deserve a word of recognition for their dedication and hard work. The past two years have proven eventful – not only have they built a fully-fledged airline from scratch, but they have also operated it to the highest professional standards. In doing so, they have earned for Norwegian the gratitude and respect of the Argentinian people,” said CEO of Norwegian Air Argentina, Ole Christian Melhus.

NAA received its Air Operator's Certificate in January 2018 and started operations on 16th October that year. The company currently operates a fleet of three Boeing 737-800s, with twenty daily flights across eight routes between Buenos Aires’ Aeroparque airport to Bariloche, Córdoba, Iguazú, Jujuy, Mendoza, Neuquén, Salta, and Ushuaia. So far, NAA has carried 982,000 passengers.



DN+WJ = FO = 4M/2 ou AR = 7x FO   vai fazer a menor diferença.

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ICYMI / With immediate effect, Norwegian has signed an agreement for the sale of 100 per cent of its Argentinian subsidiary #Norwegian Air #Argentina (NAA) to JetSMART Airlines.

Over the next 6 months, the 3 Boeing 737-800 currently operated by NAA will be replaced by JetSMART’s Airbus A320 aircraft. The 737s will return to service for Norwegian in Europe. The new agreement will not affect Norwegian’s long-haul flights between London and Buenos Aires.


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Essa guinada da Argentina vai ser a pá de cal. Nenhum país pode voltar a comer os mesmos erros 2, 3 vezes. Abre o olho Brasil.

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Meus prezados

JetSmart anuncia compra da Norwegian Argentina


                                         JetSmart opera aeronaves Airbus 320

 A JetSmart Airlines acaba de anunciar a aquisição da Norwegian Air Argentina, subsidiária da Norwegian Air Shuttle. De acordo com o comunicado oficial, a "ultra low cost" chilena pertencente ao fundo de investimento Indigo Partners operará a rede de rotas companhia recém-adquirida a partir do Aeroporto Jorge Newbery, em Buenos Aires, enquanto seus voos serão mantidos em El Palomar, também na capital argentina.

"Estamos muito entusiasmados com a oportunidade de combinar as operações da Norwegian Argentina com as da JetSmart. Nossa empresa tem um compromisso de longo prazo com a Argentina como mercado chave em nossa visão de nos tornarmos a companhia aérea ultra low cost líder na América do Sul. Com esta transação, continuaremos oferecendo viagens aéreas acessíveis aos nossos clientes, tanto a partir do Aeroparque como de El Palomar”, declarou o CEO da JetSmart, Estuardo Ortiz


Aeronaves Boeing 737 da Norwegian serão substituídas

“O modelo de negócios da JetSmart foi desenhado para garantir eficiência e segurança com baixos custos operacionais, o que nos permite oferecer passagens mais acessíveis aos passageiros. Não se trata apenas de tarifas baixas, mas sim de um modelo no qual o passageiro paga apenas pelo que quer usar e nada mais”, acrescentou Ortiz.


Segundo o anúncio, os Boeing 737 da Norwegian Argentina continuarão operando por mais alguns meses, quando serão substituídos pelos Airbus A320 utilizados pela JetSmart. As passagens aéreas da subsidiária continuarão a ser comercializadas até 29 de março. A partir da data, as compras deverão ser realizadas pelo site da JetSmart.


A JetSmart voará ao Brasil ligando Santiago a Salvador, Foz do Iguaçu (PR) e São Paulo a partir do fim deste mês. Já a Norwegian Argentina, embora já tenha flertado com voos ao País, por ora só opera voos domésticos.

Fonte: Marcel Buono para site PANROTAS 4 dez 2019

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