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Manchester Airport: Stored Meals Feed People In Need

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by Airways

MIAMI– About 1,1m stored food planned for air passengers at Manchester Airport (MAN) will be delivered to disadvantaged people across Greater Manchester by Open Kitchen MCR.

The non-profit group, known for intercepting food waste and turning it into food for events, will transport the frozen meals through a Lineage Logistics warehouse in Heywood to later be distributed by local authorities.

According to David Vickers, general manager at Lineage Logistics, around 260 pallets of comestible goods will be stored, which is equivalent to two aisles in Heywood’s warehouse.


Due to the majority of flights that were grounded at MAN, 1,m meals were due to be destroyed, but Open Kitchen MCR managed to save them. Most of the food was from Thomas Cook Airlines’ James Martin range, according to a report by About Manchester.

As usual routes to access food for people in poverty status are locked now due to the COVID-19, Open Kitchen MCR is working with Manchester City Council to co-ordinate food provision for those affected citizens.

According to group’s founder, Corin Bell, there were 400,000 people lacking sufficient food in Manchester alone prior to the virus. Thus, now the arm of the social enterprise is also cooking and delivering over 10,000 meals a week and feed as many as possible.

Regarding precautionary social distancing amid the current situation, the focus of the recovered meals delivery will be centered around street homeless, people temporarily housed in hotels, in self-isolation with underlying health conditions, and people living below the poverty line.

So far, MAN warned UK Prime Minister about its cut services, operations and jobs in the thousands, requesting him a bailout package in conjunction with other airports. However, the bailout was denied by UK chancellor of Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, furthering the crisis at the airfield and others in the UK.


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