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[EN] Vistara voará para Londres, Paris e Frankfurt

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Eu sei que poucos conhecem ou se importam com a Vistara, mas achei interessante compartilhar pois no meio de uma pandemia resolvem anunciar planos. Temeridade ou ousadia?

Lembrando que a empresa é 51% Tata Sons e 49% SIA Group:

Vistara To Commence Flights To London, Paris, And Frankfurt

Indian carrier Vistara will launch new routes to London, Paris, and Frankfurt following an announcement yesterday. The carrier will operate these routes with a fleet of two Boeing 787-9 aircraft, with new business, premium economy and economy classes onboard.

Vistara 787 Dreamliner

Vistara has revealed where its new 787-9 fleet will fly. Photo: Vistara

What is the announcement?

According to Airways Magazine, the airline has decided to move forward with its ambitious international route plans. So far, Vistara has set in motion a plan to operate to London Heathrow from Delhi starting on August 12. Destinations such as Paris, France, and Frankfurt, Germany, are on the cards as well but have yet to be authorized by the respective aviation authorities.


The new route. Photo: GCMaps

“We are confident that millions of our loyal customers will be delighted to have the choice of flying their favorite Indian airline now on long-haul international routes as well,” said Vistara’s Chief Executive Officer Leslie Thng.

Whether or not the route will go ahead depends on the political situation between the two countries. Currently, India is still working to open a ‘bubble’ between itself and the United Kingdom. It has already come to an arrangement with France and the United States (although they have yet to set any routes to North America).

Vistara currently operates other international routes to close-by neighbors, such as Bangkok, Colombo, Dubai, Kathmandu, and Singapore.

What aircraft will it use?

Vistara has a mainly short-haul narrowbody fleet. The carrier currently has a fleet of 40 aircraft (half of which are parked during the current crisis) comprised of:

  • 32 Airbus A320s (with fifty Airbus A320neos on order)
  • A single Airbus A321
  • Six Boeing 737-800s
  • One Boeing 787-9 (with another nine on order)

It is this latter aircraft that it will use to fly the six-times-a-week route to London. The Boeing 787-9 has the range and the seating capacity for the journey to make it profitable, and with a second aircraft on the way to be delivered next month, the firm is set to enter the greater world stage.

What will the experience onboard be like?

Luckily for us, Vistara has released a slew of information about its new long-haul experience. 

Starting in the business class cabin, we have 30 passengers in a 1-2-1 configuration with 44 inches of seat pitch in seat mode, each with a lie-flat seat (76 inches) and an 18-inch personal TV. Following this cabin, we have the premium economy section seating 21 passengers in a 2-3-2 configuration with 38 inches of legroom. Lastly, we have 248 seats in economy with 31 inches of seat pitch in a 3-3-3 configuration.

There are in-seat entertainment screens, USB/three-pin power, and WIFI throughout—a real luxury experience.

You can check out the cabins below:

“This magnificent aircraft signals the advent of world-class air travel for millions of Indians. And it also tells the world that Vistara has arrived,” said Mr. Bhaskar Bhat, Vistara’s Chairman to Airways Mag. 

And we at Simple Flying can’t wait to fly on it!

What do you think? Will you be using the new Delhi to London service? Let us know in the comments.


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LHR-Índia é um mercado importantissimo, que teve umaa queda em oferta consdieravel com o fim da Jet Airways. Imagino que exista demanda mesmo durante a pandemia, mas ainda assim não consigo confiar que é o melhor horário pra iniciar a rota.

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Vistara é uma empresa que me soa muito simpática. Mercado Índia/Europa é realmente um mercado sem-fim importante, mas como comentado, muito pulverizado, talvez queiram pegar fatia de alguns players mais fragilizados.

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O que deve ter de indiano fazendo escala em Abu Dhabi, Doha e Dubai com direção a Europa, Canadá e EUA não deve ser brincadeira. 

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On 31/07/2020 at 15:40, A345_Leadership said:

A Vistara se posiciona como uma full service no mercado indiano, com os A320 com 158 assentos (C8, Y+24,Y126), um luxo para o mercado indiano.

Lembra muito a finada Kingfisher. 

Tive o prazer de voar com eles num A320 e num ATR-42 em 2012, já no fim da vida. Era surreal a qualidade, impecável.

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16 hours ago, naia said:

O que deve ter de indiano fazendo escala em Abu Dhabi, Doha e Dubai com direção a Europa, Canadá e EUA não deve ser brincadeira. 

Em condições normais, sim. A India é um mercado extremamente significativo para as ME3, pois gera muitos pax O&D (há uma quantidade gigantesca de indianos morando no Oriente Médio) quanto gente em trânsito para Europa, Am do Norte e outras partes do próprio Oriente Médio. As atuais restrições a voos internacionais no país estão tendo impacto significativo nos loads dessas empresas.

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