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Azul awards Swissport new business at its home base at Viracopos Airport in Campinas, Brazil


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22 Feb 2022

Azul Linhas Aéreas, one of Brazil's leading airlines, has contracted Swissport to provide airport ramp handling, aircraft cleaning, and cargo handling for its hub at Viracopos International Airport (VCP). The 8-year contract is an important expansion of the existing collaboration between Azul and Swissport, the world’s leading provider of airport ground services and air cargo handling. Swissport currently serves Azul at eight locations in Brazil.

"We are pleased to take our partnership with Azul to the next level," said Rene Pascua, Swissport’s Head of Latin America and the Caribbean. "Swissport has been serving Azul at several airports since the start of their operations in 2008, and we are honored to earn their renewed trust and to serve them at their home base. Swissport is well prepared to support Azul’s growth in Brazil and beyond as it adds new aircraft."

From Viracopos International Airport, Azul serves 66 destinations across Latin America and selected routes to the U.S. and Portugal. The fleet of approximately 150 planes is expected to grow by another 90 over the next years. While the fleet currently consists primarily of narrow-body Airbus, ATR and Embraer airliners, Azul also operates 13 Airbus wide-body aircraft and has additional Airbus A350s on order to support future growth.

In Brazil, Swissport serves 17 airlines at ten airports with around 4,300 employees. Services include check-in and gate, ramp handling, fueling, aircraft cleaning and air cargo handling. Prior to the pandemic, Swissport handled around 36 million passengers and 280,000 flights across Brazil.

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22 minutes ago, Matheus_SP said:

nd has additional Airbus A350s on order to support future growth.



Devem ter pego algum release antigo quando AD tinha encomendado 359.


Achei essa notícia de set21, tão estranho será que era pra certificação do hangar?


Muito em breve a Azul Linhas Aéreas fará voos com o moderno Airbus A350. A aeronave pode ser incorporada à frota da companhia para uso nas rotas de longa distância, fazendo a ligação entre Campinas (VCP) e os destinos atendidos pela empresa na Europa e nos Estados Unidos. Mas ainda deve demorar para que os clientes possam embarcar no novo modelo.

A Azul confirmou que irá receber o avião em algumas semanas, mas destacou que nesse primeiro momento ele será usado apenas para voos de certificação e depois devolvido à Airbus. Ainda não há previsão de quando (e se) a aeronave será incorporada definitivamente à frota da Azul.

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