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Lufthansa Group tem lucro operacional no Q2 2022

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Lufthansa Group reporta lucro operacional de € 393 milhões (U$$ 400 milhões) no Q2, ajudado pela Lufthansa Cargo (€ 482 milhões), que atenuou as perdas de € 86 milhões na unidade de passageiros.

A Swiss registrou € 107 milhões de lucro operacional e a Lufthansa Technik de € 100 milhões.

A expectativa é que Lufthansa Group tenha € 500 milhões de lucro operacional em 2022 e prevê a contratação de 5.000 pessoas. Atualmente o grupo está operando 74% nos níveis de 2019 e espera chegar a 80%.

O lucro líquido do Lufthansa Group foi de € 259 milhões. Há € 2,1 bilhões de caixa e a dívida líquida foi reduzida para € 6,4 bilhões.


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O CEO da Lufthansa, Carsten Spohr, diz que as empresas aéreas terão maiores lucratividades devido a combinação do atraso de entregas pela Airbus e Boeing, a falta de pilotos nos EUA e problemas de infraestrutura na Europa.


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Berlin reduces Lufthansa stake to less than 10%
29.07.2022 - 08:54 UTC

The German Federal state has reduced its stake in Lufthansa Group from 14.1% to less than 10%.

This comes two years after it provided EUR6 billion euros (USD6.09 billion) in European Commission-sanctioned pandemic support for a 20% stake in the nation’s biggest airline.

Berlin will sell its remaining stake by October 2023 at the latest, according to an announcement by the Federal Finance Agency (Finanzagentur des Bundes).

The agency administers Germany’s Economic Stabilisation Fund (Wirtschaftsstabilisierungsfonds - WSF), through which Lufthansa, in June 2020, received EUR 5.7 billion (USD5.79 billion) via silent participation and EUR300 million (USD304 million) for the acquisition of shares, resulting in the German state – through the WSF – holding a 20% stake. The recapitalisation measure was part of a larger support package that also included a state guarantee on a EUR3 billion (USD3.04 million) loan.

The aid package helped Lufthansa through the COVID-19 crisis that had resulted in record losses in 2020 of EUR6.7 billion (USD6.8 billion).

The agency said the Lufthansa Group managed to repay the EUR5.7 billion to the WSF by November 2021. Through a partial sale of its shares and subsequent participation in a capital increase in 2021, the WSF had already reduced its stake to 14.09%.

It said the proceeds from the sale of shares had exceeded the amount the WSF had paid for the stake. The fund had now "turned onto the home straight” to end Lufthansa’s stabilisation support, remarked Jutta Dönges, managing director of the finance agency.

As reported, German billionaire Klaus-Michael Kühne is now the largest Lufthansa shareholder with more than 15%.


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