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727-200 da Astar Air Cargo perde flap


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Uma aeronave 727-200 da Astar Air Cargo perde flap perto do aeroporto. Côsa pôca, peça de 4,50m x 0.40 cm. Ô manutenção!


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E o bichão pousou sem problemas! :rulez:


Um bom tempo atrás, quem perdeu parte dos flaps foi um 747-400 da ANZ.


Notícia de outro incidente com 747 da ANZ, mas com citação do ocorrido (iningrishi):

Fonte: http://tvnz.co.nz/view/news_travel_story_skin/129395


More than a few screws missing

Sep 5, 2002 11:30 AM

Air New Zealand has confirmed that most of the screws from a wing panel which fell from a 747 were missing, and the panel was marked with red tape indicating work was in progress.


Only four of the panel's 125 screws were in place and the 10 kilogram piece of wing-faring fell from the Boeing 747 while it was flying over Manukau City in August. That incident was followed by part of a wing flap falling from another of the airline's 747 fleet less than a week later.


On Wednesday, Manukau harbour was scoured in the hunt for a piece of flap that fell from the 747 at the weekend. The airline believes a flap mount may be to blame, so when it found signs of corrosion near the same piece of another jet, it took action instantly and replaced the part.


"We felt as a precautionary measure, until we knew what the real cause was, that this was not normal and we decided to change it," says spokesman Bill Jacobson.


One aviation write says the airline has been lucky. "I think somebody may have slipped up and this has happened... thank goodness it hasn't lead to a tragedy or anything like that," Peter Clark says.


The mistakes are now being blamed on the airline's majority shareholder - the government.


"If this was any other airline and not an airline owned by the government, would that airline be grounded for having 120 out 124 bolts missing?" says Act List MP Deborah Coddington.


But Transport Minister Paul Swain says all airlines are treated equally when it comes to safety issues. Air New Zealand's actions also had international support on Wednesday.


The 747's manufacturer, Boeing, told ONE News it views the airline's problems as being down to bad luck.. not bad management. Air New Zealand plans to take to the Manukau Harbour again on Thursday in the hope it can piece together all the fragments and rebuild its reputation.

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Meus prezados:

Uma aeronave 727-200 da Astar Air Cargo perde flap perto do aeroporto. Côsa pôca, peça de 4,50m x 0.40 cm. Ô manutenção! <a href="http://www.jetsite.com.br/2006/mostra_noticia.asp?noticia=10161" target="_blank">http://www.jetsite.com.br/2006/mostra_noti...p?noticia=10161</a>


Vejam só como a tecnologia é uma máxima em nossas vidas.

Mal caiu na net e já têm até laudo das causas não?!!!


Já vi em outro tópico aqui, se discutindo a necessidade do F.O.Q.A./M.O.Q.A., e boa parte são contra mesmo.

Lembre-se que mesmo em vôo decisões precipitadas também podem ocasionar um incidente. Só pra citar, alguém aqui lembra do F-100 da porta, ou melhor sem porta? Foi falta de manutenção???



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