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Qantas jets collide at airport


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Qantas jets collide at airport


Two Qantas jumbo jets - including the plane involved in the Manila mid-air explosion last July - have collided while being towed at Avalon.


"Two 747s at our Avalon maintenance base have come into contact with each other during towing this morning," a Qantas spokesman said.


"Both aircraft sustained some damage, the extent of that is still being assessed."


The spokesman confirmed one of the planes was the aircraft that was forced to make an emergency landing earlier this year when its oxygen tank exploded mid-air, blowing a hole in the plane's fuselage.


Repairs to the aircraft involved in the July incident were undertaken in Manila by Boeing, but further work was being done at Avalon.


The plane has not carried passengers since the emergency landing four months ago.


Staff involved in this morning's collision, which occurred about 9.30am, have been stood down pending a full investigation, a Qantas spokesman said.


He said it was too early to determine the cause of the crash.


The airline believes both 747s will be out of action for at least a few days.


fonte: http://www.smh.com.au/news/news/what-a-dra...6770427139.html




Vídeo das aeronaves:



fonte: Terra

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Esse Jumbolino que sofreu o incidente em vôo precisa ser benzido! Deve ter algum ritual de descarrego dos aborígenes que sirva para estes casos. :D







O caso está mais pra exorcismo.





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isso lembra o topico do md-11 da vasp

um md-11 vasp x 747 alitalia em MIA


Esse causo do MD-11 foi durante o táxi e nao durante o reboque Leo, só pra corrigir.



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