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Air France's Airbus A380 service begins on November 23rd from JFK


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aviation_news_release_4.jpg Air France's Airbus A380 service begins on November 23rd from JFK






Starting on 23 November 2009, the Air France A380 will be operated on daily flights between New York - JFK and Paris - Charles de Gaulle (AF007 & AF006), followed by Paris-Johannesburg during winter 2009-2010.


The most modern aircraft of the Air France fleet is an extraordinary plane


- The A380 is more spacious than any other aircraft, with 50% more floor space than a 747. It is also equipped with a sophisticated lighting system which Air France developed specially to make passengers’ time on board even more enjoyable and relaxing.


- Noise levels within the A380 are 5 decibels lower than industry standards, providing passengers a quiet and particularly soothing cabin.


- The A380’s in-flight entertainment system is completely new, with wider screens and easier navigation, enabling passengers to access programs in just a few clicks.


- To enjoy a drink, relax or chat with friends or family, each cabin on the A380 has its own bars.


- Air France is the first airline in the world to equip each seat in the Affaires and Voyageur cabins with a USB socket, enabling passengers to download contents such as flight schedules, information on Air France, destination guides, games for children, relaxation videos and podcasts


- For easier access for reduced-mobility and disabled passengers, Air France’s A380 cabin has been specially designed to include: easy-access toilets, removable armrests on 99% of seats, two on-board transfer wheelchairs, seat row numbers in Braille.


- The seat pattern is as follows: La Première on the upper deck (9 seats), the Affaires-Business cabin on the upper deck (80 seats) and the Voyageur-Economy cabin, located on both decks (449 seats including 106 on the upper deck).


Source: Air France



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