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CSA Czech Airlines reduz operacoes no W10


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CSA Czech Airlines on Friday 27AUG10 announced its planned 2010/11 Winter operation, which sees the Skyteam carrier shrinks its operating network. In total, there are 5 routes canceled (2 temporary cancellation), 3 routes canceled in Winter, 6 routes sees frequency reductions.


Most importantly, the Skyteam carrier is ending its service to the UK, after 72 years of service. Service to Germany sees further shrinking.


As per 28AUG10 GDS availability display, list of changes as follows (note further changes are possible):



Prague – Brno 31OCT10 – 31DEC10 ONLY

Prague – Cologne

Prague – London Heathrow

Prague – Manchester

Prague – Munich 31OCT10 – 31DEC10 ONLY


Following Routes converting to Summer seasonal service only

Prague – Marseille

Prague – Thessaloniki

Prague – Venice


Service Reduction

Prague – Bologna Reduce from 6 to 5 weekly (Day x16), compared to 11 weekly in W09

Prague – Bratislava 31OCT10 – 31DEC10 Reduce from 25 to 13 weekly, OK960/961 & OK966/967 Canceled

Prague – Copenhagen Reduce from 16 to 13 weekly, OK506/507 Canceled

Prague – Munich eff 01JAN11 Reduce from 2 to 1 Daily, OK552/553 Canceled

Prague – Oslo Reduce from 2 to 1 Daily, OK446/447 Canceled

Prague – Ostrava 31OCT10 – 31DEC10 Reduce from 26 to 20 weekly, OK016/017 Canceled

Prague – Rostov Reduce from 3 to 2 weekly, Tuesdays service canceled



Prague – Belgrade 13 weekly service maintained, compared to 7 in W09

Prague – Hamburg Service remains 13 weekly, compared to 17 in W09

Prague – Vilnius Service remains Daily, compared to 13 in W09

Prague – Zilina Service remains 8 weekly, compared to 6 in W09


Sera que a CSA tambem esta enfrentando uma crise financeira - afinal sair de LHR nao faz sentido, uma vez que se trata de um dos principais destinos na europa, ou por pressao das LCLF? E o pior que clientes CSA terao que ir para LHR via CDG ou AMS em code-sharing com a AFR-KLM, ou entao voar BAW.



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Per 30AUG10 GDS inventory display, latest modification as follows:


Following routes, to be canceled or reduced until 31DEC10, is now being Zero’d out/removed from system beyond 01JAN11.


Prague – Bratislava Reduce from 25 to 13 weekly, OK960/961 & OK966/967 Canceled

Prague – Brno CANCELLED beyond 01JAN11

Prague – Munich CANCELLED beyond 01JAN11

Prague – Ostrava Reduce from 26 to 20 weekly, OK016/017 Canceled


Following routes sees new changes


Prague – Brussels 01NOV11 – 21JAN11 Reduce from 23 to 18 weekly, OK636/637 Canceled (Routine cancellation already planned from 22JAN11)


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