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Caribbean Airlines sinaliza com voos para Belém e Boa Vista

rafael amarante

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Caribbean Airlines apologises for shabby treatment of Guyanese


CARIBBEAN Airlines (CAL) has announced that within the next two months, it will be offering direct flights between Georgetown and New York and vice versa. [President Bharrat Jagdeo speaking with Caribbean Airlines Chairman, Mr. George Nicholas III (right) and other officials of the airline (Photo courtesy of GINA)] This is according to Chairman of the airline’s Board of Directors, Mr. George Nicholas, who made the disclosure yesterday at a press conference at Industrial Site, following a meeting earlier in the day with Guyana’s President Bharrat Jagdeo.


The flights, code-named ‘The Spirit of Guyana’, will be flying the Guyana to New York route thrice weekly, with CAL promising that the usual difficulty Guyanese face when transiting Trinidad and Tobago will be a thing of the past.

CAL is also proposing to lay on a Guyana-based Caribbean Airlines flight to service some of the domestic and regional destinations.

Noting that the main purpose of the press conference was to highlight what transpired at the meeting with the President, particularly the issues that were discussed, Nicholas said:


“In the meeting with the President, we did commit that three times a week, we will fly a 737 Next Generation aircraft from New York to Guyana directly…[and] because we have the dream of one Caribbean Airline, it will be called the ‘Spirit of Guyana’…”

According to the Government Information Agency (GINA), among issues the President raised with CAL officials during their meeting was the inordinately high cost of airfares for commuting between Georgetown and New York.


On that score, Nicholas told reporters at the briefing: “We will have a better rate on direct flights, and our intention is to have one Caribbean Airline that services all of the Caribbean destinations… Caribbean Airlines will work with every Government, where possible, to bring the price of air travel down.”

Noting that one of the other issues President Jagdeo brought to his attention concerned the treatment of passengers while in-transit in Port of Spain, Nicholas said:


“We are going to look at changing the in-transit, so that it is similar to the conditions in Barbados, where there is no double or triple checking of goods… It will be a true in-transit service.

“We apologize for the experience of Guyanese in Trinidad and Tobago, and we will address that when we return there.”


The fourth issue discussed with the President, he said, was the need for Regional travel, “and we would like to see a plane that would service the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), the Ogle Airport, Boa Vista Airport and Belem in Brazil , all of which will connect back to CJIA and then on to North America.”


He said the new Board of Directors remains committed to making excellence part of their everyday effort in their operations, and in an effort to do this, the company has entered into an arrangement with Air Jamaica so as to increase their capacity.

This partnership, he said, “… has doubled the size of Caribbean Airlines overnight, and we seek to go further into the Caribbean as we saw just yesterday the transaction involving US$200 million.”


Noting that CAL will also be seeking to market Caribbean tourism destinations through the travel experience, Nicholas said:

“We are not just filling seats, but selling destinations has become part of the job; we also sell the destinations.”


As to how his meeting with President Jagdeo went, Nicholas said: “It was a good meeting with the President, where he expressed his thoughts of many Guyanese to us; he definitely has the pulse of the people, and shared with us some points that need to be addressed at Caribbean Airlines.”

According to GINA, President Jagdeo has always lamented what he describes as the “unconscionable monopoly” of some airlines, and was at one time toying with the idea of the State re-entering the airline business so as to turn around the situation.


Just last October, GINA said, officials from ‘Airone’ out of Barbados met with President Jagdeo weeks after it was launched, and was offering low fares to the Caribbean as it sought to promote connectivity and passenger growth as enjoyed by the rest of the world. (With additional reporting by GINA)


FOnte: http://www.guyanachronicleonline.com/site/...ry&Itemid=8

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