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Acidente com B737 da First Air no Canadá


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Crash: First Air B732 near Resolute Bay on Aug 20th 2011, impacted terrain


By Simon Hradecky, created Saturday, Aug 20th 2011 19:58Z, last updated Saturday, Aug 20th 2011 21:27Z


A First Air Boeing 737-200, registration C-GNWN performing flight 7F-6560 from Yellowknife,NT to Resolute Bay,NU (Canada) with 11 passengers and 4 crew, went missing while on approach to Resolute Bay and was found crashed. 12 occupants are reported killed, there is unconfirmed word of 3 survivors.


Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) confirmed the aircraft has crashed near Resolute Bay. RCMP is aware of some survivors.


The Canadian Forces were conducting an exercise called Nanook 11, which includes the simulation of a major air disaster near Resolute Bay. The exercise was interrupted, the forces joined the search and rescue operation in progress.


Locals reported poor visibility and low cloud. The local weather station reported visibilities at or above 8km/4.3nm with fog, rain, humidity close to 100%.


Photographer Nicolas Laffont told The Aviation Herald, that he took the shot at Resolute Bay Airport.





CYRB 201900Z 15008KT 8SM VCFG OVC006 07/06 A2985 RMK SC7 VIS N-E 3 FG TOP OF HILL SLP113

CYRB 201800Z 19008KT 10SM VCFG SCT003 OVC010 07/07 A2983 RMK SF3ST5 SLP108

CYRB 201700Z CCA 20007KT 10SM VCFG SCT002 OVC009 07/06 A2982 RMK SF2ST6 SLP105

CYRB 201649Z 18013KT 5SM -DZ BR OVC003 RMK ST8

CYRB 201600Z 18008KT 10SM -DZ OVC007 06/06 A2981 RMK ST8 SLP100

CYRB 201533Z 17008KT 5SM -DZ BR OVC006 RMK ST8

CYRB 201500Z 18016KT 1/2SM R35/2200FT -DZ FG VV002 06/06 A2979 RMK FG8 SLP095

CYRB 201450Z 17013KT 5/8SM -DZ BR VV002 RMK FG8

CYRB 201434Z 17016KT 15SM -DZ OVC005 RMK ST8

CYRB 201400Z 16014KT 15SM BKN009 OVC070 07/06 A2979 RMK SF4AC4 SLP094


Site at Resolute Bay Airport (Photo: Nicolas Laffont via Twitter):


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Resolute Bay aparece de vez em qdo em certos documentários da Discovery e NatGeo, parece q é uma das ultimas localidades atingíveis por vias normais ao norte do Canada...



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