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Avião de passageiros derrapa no pouso no sul da Índia


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Incidente ocorreu no aeroporto de Kochi, no estado de Kerbala.

Um passageiro ficou ferido, segundo a empresa Gulf Air.


Avião de passageiros da Gulf Air no solo após ter derrapado durante o pouso na pista do aeroporto internacional de Kochi, em Kerbala, no sul da Índia, nesta segunda-feira (29). A empresa afirmou que uma pessoa ficou ferida. Chovia bastante no momento do acidente com o Airbus A-320


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Via ASN:

Accident description:

An Airbus A320 was damaged in a runway excursion accident at Cochin International Airport (COK), India. At least seven passengers were injured.

Gulf Air Flight GF270 operated on flight from Bahrain International Airport (BAH) to Cochin. During the landing roll the airplane went off the side of the runway. The nose gear collapsed as the airplane came to rest in the grass some 2200 m from the beginning fo runway 09 and 31 m left of the runway centreline.


2011/08/29 08:30

VOCI 290830Z 28005KT 4000 RERA FEW010 SCT015 BKN090 24/22 Q1009 NOSIG


2011/08/29 09:00

VOCI 290900Z 27004KT 4000 VCRA HZ FEW008 SCT012 BKN090 25/23 Q1008 TEMPO 3000 RA


2011/08/29 10:00

VOCI 291000Z 23002KT 4000 HZ SCT008 BKN090 26/23 Q1008 NOSIG

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