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Avião cai no Sudão e mata 32 pessoas

Darkwing Duck

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O gabinete do governo do Sudão informou que um avião que transportava oficiais do governo caiu neste domingo (19) no sul do país, matando 32 pessoas, incluindo um ministro.


A agência de notícias estatal (Suna) afirmou que o avião caiu devido "ao mau tempo" e que o ministro de Orientação Islâmica sudanês, Ghazi al Sadeq, estava entre os mortos. Sadeq estava viajando para o estado de Kordofan do Sul, que fica na fronteira com o Sudão do Sul, para participar de um feriado religioso.


Segundo a agência, o acidente ocorreu em uma região montanhosa perto de Talodi, uma cidade pequena a cerca de 650 quilômetros a sudoeste da capital, Cartum. As informações são da Associated Press.

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Via Avherald


Crash: Alfa Airlines AN24 or AN26 near Talodi on Aug 19th 2012, impacted mountain during go-around

By Simon Hradecky, created Sunday, Aug 19th 2012 09:32Z, last updated Sunday, Aug 19th 2012 20:03Z

An Alfa Airlines Sudan Antonov 24 or Antonov 26 on behalf of Sudan's Government, charter flight from Khartoum to Talodi (Sudan) with 26 passengers and 5 crew, has crashed into a slope of the Nuba mountains south of Talodi at about 08:00L (05:00Z) during a dust storm. All occupants perished in the impact.


Sudan's Government said, the aircraft carried a delegation of 26 including Sudanese Ministers to Talodi in the south of the country for a celebration. The crash of the aircraft was not result of military activity. All on board perished, the bodies are charred. Sudan's President will follow up with a detailed statement.


Sudan's Army confirmed an Alfa Airlines Aircraft was involved in the crash without mentioning further details of the aircraft. Two Ministers were on board of the aircraft.


Local Television reported the aircraft went around on its first attempt to land in Talodi due to weather but did not manage to climb above the terrain during the go-around.


Sudan's Civil Aviation Authority reported at the time of the crash visibility was substantially reduced due to a dust and dirt storm in the area. Three ministers (Guidance/Endowment, Tourism and Education) were on board of the Antonov airliner. An investigation has been opened.


According to ATDB Alfa Airlines Sudan operate an Ilyushin IL-76D (registration ST-EWD), an Antonov 24RV (registration ST-ARP) and an Antonov 26 (registration ST-AWT).


The airline states (date stamp 2008) they operate two IL-76s freighters (ST-AWR and ST-WTB), one Antonov 32 freighter (ST-SMZ), two Antonov 26 freighters (ST-AWT and ST-ARQ), one Antonov 26 Combi (ST-ARL) and one Antonov 24 passenger (ST-ARP).


The airline, identifying itself also as Ababeel Aviation, had lost an IL-76 registration ST-WTB in 2008, see Crash: Ababeel IL76 at Khartoum on June 30th 2008, hit ground immediately after takeoff. The tail number ST-ARQ referenced by the Alfa Airlines for one of their cargo AN26s was involved in another accident, see Accident: Tarco Airlines AN24 at Zalingei on Nov 11th 2010, burst tyres on landing, broke up and burst into flames.


Talodi Airstrip features a paved, unmarked runway in approximate direction 01/19 of 1800 meters/5900 feet length at approximate position N10.617 E30.395 according to most recent satellite images, the runway was paved between Jan 13th and Mar 10th 2012.


No weather data (neither Metars nor local weather station reports) are available.

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Sudan crash: Minister Ghazi al-Sadiq Abdel Rahim dies


The Sudanese government's religion minister has been killed in a plane crash along with all the other 31 people on board, official media say.


Two state ministers and the leader of a national political party were also among the dead.


The civilian aircraft, which was also carrying several military officials, came down in the Nuba Mountains.


It was on its way to South Kordofan for an Eid al-Fitr celebration, to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan.


Apart from Guidance and Religious Endowments Minister Ghazi al-Sadiq Abdel Rahim, an official list of the dead included:


Justice Party Chairman Makki Ali Balayil

Mahjub Abdel Rahim Tutu, state minister at the Youth and Sports Ministry

Issa Daifallah, state minister at the Ministry of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife

Several ranking members of the security forces

Several officials from Khartoum state

Media representatives and six crew

The aircraft came down in the Talodi area of South Kordofan, en route from the capital Khartoum.


The town of Talodi, some 50km (30 miles) from the border with South Sudan, lies on a plain, next to a range of hills.


A television statement said the weather prevented the aircraft from landing at its first attempt. Second time round, the plane hit a mountain.


An unnamed civil aviation representative told state radio the plane was an Antonov.


A civil war broke out in South Kordofan more than a year ago, and Talodi has been attacked by rebels several times. However a rebel spokesman said his forces had nothing to do with the crash, the BBC's James Copnall reports.


There have been several deadly plane crashes in Sudan in recent years.


The authorities complain that it is difficult to get spare parts because of US sanctions against Khartoum.



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