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FAA issues AD on Boeing 737NG horizontal stabilizer parts


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FAA issues AD on Boeing 737NG horizontal stabilizer parts


FAA issued an airworthiness directive (AD) Monday regarding a possible problem with Boeing 737NG horizontal stabilizer parts. The agency is requiring inspections of more than 1,000 affected aircraft, though the inspections and any needed corrective actions are not likely to have any impact on airline schedules.

“This AD was prompted by reports of an incorrect procedure used to apply the wear and corrosion protective surface coating to attach pins of the horizontal stabilizer rear spar,” FAA said in a notice published in the US Federal Register. “We are issuing this AD to prevent premature failure of the attach pins, which could cause reduced structural integrity of the horizontal stabilizer to fuselage attachment, resulting in loss of control of the airplane.”

Inspections must be done before the accumulation of 56,000 total flight cycles or within 3,000 flight cycles after the AD’s May 20 effective date, whichever occurs later, FAA said. “A review of airplane maintenance records is acceptable in lieu of this inspection if the part number of the attach pin can be conclusively determined from that review,” FAA added.

Any horizontal stabilizer rear spar attach pin with the part number 180A1612-3 or 180A1612-4 will have to be replaced “with new, improved attach pins,” FAA said.

Source: http://atwonline.com/manufacturers/faa-issues-ad-boeing-737ng-horizontal-stabilizer-parts

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